December 16, 2017

Hands on origami kits

origami kits dover craft
Origami kits are a fun way to start folding creative models right away as the kits include the instructions and material we need to get started. We have been trying to use the below activity packed kits to get creative. We found that the instructions could be a little clearer, so beginners can follow it easily to make the beautiful nature inspired origami. 
origami kits dover craft
My Origami Garden Kit includes a 64-page book that has instructions for folding 12 different models, from butterflies to flowers. It includes 72 pre-printed sheets of origami paper and 90 high-quality stickers to customize each creation. We like having some of the origami sheets which we can colour on. 
origami kits dover craft
My Origami Ocean Kit includes a full-colour book that has step-by-step instructions to make a turtle, shark, and eight other sea creatures. There is a poster of marine scenery to help bring the models to life and 60 sheets of pre-printed origami paper including a variety tailor made for finger puppets.
origami kits dover craft
Alice in Wonderland Origami tells the story of Lewis Carroll's timeless tale. This illustrated storybook and craft guide combination is fun for children. A modern retelling of Alice's adventures is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions for folding all the major characters: Alice herself, the White Rabbit, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts, and more. The kit includes 42 ready-to-fold sheets of origami paper.

Dogs in Origami by John Montroll has instructions on how we can create origami dog models. John Montroll inspires Origami using single-square, no-cuts, no-glue approach using meticulously developed folding sequences with fewer steps. There are more than two dozen breeds of models that range from Beagle, Chihuahua, Yorkie, Boxer, Lab, Basenji, Akita, Otterhound, and Bernese Mountain Dog. This book has step-by-step instructions and full-colour photographs for each model suitable for folders of intermediate to advanced skills. 

Adults and children will enjoy the craft of paper folding with these fun filled kits. 

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