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December 17, 2017

Walking with Confidence on Slippery Surfaces

mark's well worn slip resistant boots
I was able to see how safe and reliable it was to walk on the icy surfaces wearing slip-resistant boots that has Vibram Arctic Grip at the Mark's Well Worn ice runway pop-up event at CF Eaton Centre. Did you know 20,000 people in Ontario go to Emergency Rooms yearly due to slips related to ice and snow? This makes, it utmost important for us to pay more attention to the boots we wear. 

August 9, 2016

Shopping at Mark's as the Back to School Routine Starts

Marks clothing for men and women
The yearly events at the CNE usually reminds us that back to school routines will be starting soon! We are looking forward to go the Canadian National Exhibition this year as well, as the events happen between August 19th to September 5th.

April 25, 2016

Sandals for Men and Women at Marks

sandals for women from Marks
I am excited that our long-awaited spring and summer weather will be here soon! We had a few days here and there over the past couple of weeks where we were able to enjoy sandals! I like sandals that I can slip on quickly and wear with different summer outfits all day long.

December 3, 2015

Cozy Sleepwear and Ugly Sweater Kit

Do you want to feel cozy on a crispy winter morning? Then you will love the colourful knit sleepwear collection at Marks. I love the detail on these pyjamas. This soft sleepwear set for women has bright contrasting buttons, with detailed collar, and small lace on the trim add charm.