Monday, July 13, 2015

Making a Trellis DIY Project

In spring, we made a v-shaped Trellis for our Clematis. It is cheaper to make a trellis with only a few materials compared to buying one. For this project, I haven't provided exact measurements because you can adjust the length of the wood according to where you want to place the trellis for example in a deep pot or against the fence etc. The measurements also depend on what type of plant you want to use the trellis for such as Clematis, Jasmine etc. Hope the pictures and the instructions below will inspire you to make your own trellis and save some money.
For this project you will need...

A handsaw
A nail gun with nails or a heavy duty stapler or you can use wood screws
4 pieces of 1x2x8 (I bought the cheapest framing lumber and) 
1 flat piece of wood or trim for the horizontal piece for the trellis
Waterproof wood stain
We laid the four pieces that will go vertically on the ground to create a v-shape. This is a good way to recycle wood that you may have at home from other projects.

For the three flat pieces we cut one short, medium, and long. For these pieces we cut the edges diagonally to create a consistent v-shape.
Then we left a larger gap between the bottom of the trellis to the short piece that goes vertically, so we can place the trellis deep in the ground for it to be sturdy.

Next we kept some gaps between the horizontal pieces, and placed the medium and the longer pieces of the flat wood and nailed it to the thick vertical pieces of the wood.
Since we used framing lumber, we stained the trellis with a waterproof wood stain and let it dry well before placing it on the ground. If you want it to be really steady you can use a long screw to secure it to your fence as support.

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  1. This is so cute, what a perfect idea. Thanks for sharing step by step tutorial :)

  2. My mom made one of these. Looks so pretty.

  3. This is a great idea. I put a net on the fence for my vines but this looks so much prettier. Thank you for the instructions on this project.

  4. Great idea. Looks pretty.
    Florence C

  5. Beautiful flowers. I love the trellis.

  6. This trellis looks amazing with the flowers on it~!

  7. This tutorial is great! Better trellis than at the garden stores.

  8. Thanks for sharing step by step tutorial,I would love to try this

  9. Very pretty I could make on of these for my peas.


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