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April 2, 2014

Earth Related Eye-Opening Programs on Netflix

Earth Month is the perfect time to reflect, appreciate, and educate our selves on all that our planet offers. My family and I like watching documentaries together because it’s a great way to start important conversations. The above is a picture of a diorama my daughter made using recycled materials to show how Sri Lankan elephants are being impacted due to deforestation. The project was completed under candlelight when we were observing earth hour last weekend. 
Some suggestions of shows that the family can watch and learn from:

December 6, 2013

Win a Netflix Subscription and Stream Shows Including the Netflix Animated Original Series Turbo: FAST

We are looking forward to the Netflix and DreamWorks Animation partnership in the first ever Netflix original series for kids, Turbo: FAST (Fast Action Stunt Team). This episodic animated TV series picks up where the movie Turbo leaves off. This series will debut on December 24th exclusive for Canada, US and 40 other countries across the globe where Netflix service is offered.