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August 2, 2012

My Art book Animals and artwork with foil

My Art book: Animals is full of special, easy to follow art projects.  The projects are inspired by a variety of famous masterpieces.  Animals were the inspiration of the artwork that was done by these artists. 
The step-by-step instructions in the book help us to make our own artwork.  We can add our own creative flair, discuss, discover and interpret the techniques the artists have used.
Here is a project from the book that we added our own creativity to.  The book has a project on tin tortoise, which is inspired by the wooden rhino.
Making an engraved painting with tin foil
foil tray preferably one without any markings
masking tape
tracing paper
wooden skewers

Find an image you like and trace the outline of it.
Cut the foil tray to a slightly bigger size than the traced image.
Tape the tracing paper over the cut foil.
Using a different colour pen press firmly and draw over the outline of the picture.  
Then using another colour pen draw details.  Check every now and again without moving the foil out of place to see if the prints are visible on the foil.
Once the drawing part is done.  Colour the outside with paint.  I painted a smooth thick layer in black.  My daughter painted the background with the paintbrush in a sponge painting technique using green.
The finished artwork can be displayed or can be placed has a shiny cover for a binder or notebook.
There were instructions on how to draw animals with charcoal, making stencils with household goods, paper collage using different tones of colour, making wire sculptures using garden wires and pliers and many more projects.  The glossary in the book explains the meanings of art techniques and art media.  
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