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June 14, 2012

Stained glass sun catcher craft

construction paper *
crayon or pencil
coloured craft tissue paper **
hole puncher optional
string or ribbon optional

* Can use any other type of sturdy paper
** coloured cellophane will look beautiful and will not fade like the craft tissue paper
Draw a basic pattern with a borderline on the construction paper using crayon or pencil.  Then cut the holes where you would like to place the craft tissue paper or coloured cellophane.  Little ones may need help with this.

After cutting the holes put some glue on the borderline of the construction paper and then place the craft tissue paper.  Cut the craft tissue paper if there are pieces stick outside of the borderlines.  

If you like to hang this craft then use a hole puncher and put a hole on the borderline.  Put a string or ribbon and hang.  

The sun catcher can also be sticked directly on the window with tape, however if we use craft paper and the window gets morning dew it might get wet.  Craft paper over time will fade; so it is better to use coloured cellophane if you want the sun catcher to last longer.

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