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June 2, 2021

Cool Ways To Use Touch-Free Technology In Your Home

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Touch-free tech is any type of technology that can be controlled without touching it. Throughout the pandemic, such technology has been important for reducing the spread of the viruses. However, touch-free technology has many uses beyond this - it can help when you’ve got messy hands from cooking or arts and crafts, or it can help when you’ve got your hands full from carrying shopping or a baby. Below are some of the different forms of touch-free technology and their cool uses around the home.

May 21, 2020

Alfred DB2-B Touchscreen Smartlock

alfred db2-b touchscreen smartlock
We love using smart technology in our home because it provides comfort, convenience, and security. Over the years, we have connected different smart locks from a touch screen lock to a connected Smart lock. Recently, we connected the Alfred DB2-B Touchscreen with the optional Z-Wave accessory. We love how Alfred International Inc. has designed the smart lock to not only be smarter, but also to make it look sleek, modern, and futuristic.