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August 22, 2013

Our Visit to My Sushi

One of our favourite places to eat out is at My Sushi, here is what we had during our recent visit...

November 24, 2012

MySushi a unique sushi experience

We had a fabulous time and meal at my sushia newly opened restaurant/takeout.  The idea of my sushi came to be because of their customers from Bento, who wanted to have their own unique sushi combinations and flavours.  There isn't any other sushi establishment that allows guests to make their own choices and customize.  After experiencing my sushi with my family, I can tell you that it stands for its name.
I like the comfortable, inviting environment at my sushi.  Even if it your first time at my sushi you will feel as though you are visiting a close friend/family, because all the staff there were friendly.  I saw that everyone who walked-in was welcomed and felt special as they were explained about how to order, we don't see this type of hospitality nowadays so everyone in my family really liked this.  We felt comfortable as we were told how the process works so we could order without feeling shy :)  It is kind of like a friendly assembly line, so only one person is handling one section i.e. the rice or the protein and this avoids cross contamination.
When ordering...
We can get our own unique combo and pick the fillings we like or get one the six chef recommended sushi rolls from the menu.  My sushi has counted 786240 different combinations of sushi rolls they can make.    
1. We pick our wrap either the traditional nori (seaweed) or the modern soy based wrap.  Then we choose either or a combination of white or brown rice.
2. For the protein we can choose cooked seafood; carb meat, spicy crab, tempera shrimp etc... or raw; salmon, tuna etc or a combination of both.  For every extra protein it will cost $1.50
3. Then we get to pick 3 greens; asparagus, avocado, carrot, cheese, yams, mango etc...  If you want more ask the chef.

4. After the sushi gets neatly wrapped and cut, we can ask for a sweet sauce; Japanese mayo, teriyaki, my sushi sauce or a spicy sauce; mayo, Korean sushi sauces, sirachara chilli that will be beautifully drizzled and decorated.
5.  Then if we like we can top it off with any of their toppings such as the fried onion, sesame seeds etc.
Walking through and seeing the fresh quality ingredients and the process made me hungry :) and I couldn't wait to taste it.  
My children enjoyed the flavours in their sushi such as the mango and avocado that motivated them to eat without any complaints.  They also liked the fabulous taste of the tempura yams and tempura shrimp with the salad greens.  We also liked the colourful presentation.  
Tempura salads
We skipped the soy sauce and enjoyed the sushi roll as it had lots of flavour on its own, if you want soy sauce it is available on the table and in packets.  I preferred using my hands because it is comfortable and after all that is the traditional Japanese way to eat sushi :)  They have good quality chopsticks for us to use if you prefer.
miso soup
The sushi rolls comes with a choice to have miso soup or edamame/ sunomono/ seaweed salad.  The miso soup is fabulous, I kept wanting more :)  They also have refreshing green tea and cold drinks.  We shared it around so we were able to taste a variety of delicious items that were really filling.
sunomono salad
On top of the delicious sushi rolls my sushi also has traditional Japanese Donburi rice bowls made to our preference, which I highly recommend.  They also have healthy fresh salads and udon noodles soup that are customizable.  Just feel free to ask as you please to make it the way you want.  
Sushi is a healthy alternative that we can have instead of our regular meals.  Rice is an excellent source of carbohydrate and a protein that is also gluten free.  If we choose brown rice then it has more fibre.  The natural ginger without the additives served at my sushi is a healthy palate cleanser that aids digestion, boots the immune system.  Nori has nutritions such as protein, minerals, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, niacin and C.  
Many people think that sushi is raw fish, which is not true because we can have the option of having cooked fish or omit the fish and have it vegetarian.
Some perks that my sushi offers...

  • Register and track your sushi experience at by picking up the card from the store.  Then register online and get a free side. 
  • As a loyal member for every 8 rolls you will get one for free.
  • On your birthday get one free roll.
  • On the anniversary date of registering to become a member you will get a free roll.
  • Get to know about the Chef's latest and tastiest innovations.

We can enjoy the delicious food their location or takeout.  Once you experience the food and hospitality you will want more.  We are already planning our next trip :)

9343 Bathurst Street
Vaughan, Ontario
phone number 905-823-6519
They are open from 11am to 9pm everyday.

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