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September 28, 2012

Knitted Pinnacle Poncho

Morehouse Farm has a beautiful collection of kits for us to knit fabulous items for babies, bags and purses, hats, scarves, home accessories, ponchos and many more.

I am making this beautiful poncho following the directions in the kit.  It is easy to follow even for a novice knitter.  This is my first time using circular knitting needles.  This kit has made it easy for me to start using this needle, which I thought would be impossible for me to learn :)
I like the choice of the vibrant colour and the quality of the Morehouse yarn that came in this Pinnacle Poncho knit kit.
The finished poncho measures adult triangular shape 5" from side to side and 30" from neck to tip.  

The 4 skeins of Variegated Morehouse 2-ply yarn and pattern was included in the kit.  I had to buy 2 #11 circular needles as instructed in the pattern.  The pattern is written in an easy to understand manner, not knitting language :)

Cast 3 stitches and purl the first row.
Then for the rest of the rows we have to knit and knit increase by 1 and then knit to the end of the row.  
Then knit increase by 1 and purl to the end of the row
Knit increase by 1 and knit the rest
Knit increase by 1 and purl the rest
These steps will be repeated until the needles have 130 stitches, it will be a V shape.  
The kit explains us how to do this.  
And after we do 2 of the same we have to put the triangles parallel to each other, wrong side facing out and bind off the shoulders using the three-needle bind (this is also explained).  45 stitches are bind off to the middle from both sides.  
Then we have to knit the neckline stitches that the kit explains in detail.
I enjoyed this kit and I think you will too.  These kits makes it easy for us to start and finish knitting projects that could be kept for ourselves or given as handmade gifts.

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