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May 15, 2012

Dinosaur coin bank and Pullover pajama set

This dinosaur coin bank from pajama shoppe is really cute.  My son being a dinosaur fan loved this right away.  It is light in weight compared to the coin banks we have at home.  I like that the children can easily move the coin bank without getting hurt because of its weight.  This coin bank is 7" wide, 3.75" tall and 3.25" deep, which is a good size for children.  The coin slot is big enough to easily fit any type of currency.

The coin bank is made with silver pewter.  I like that they used this type of material, which doesn't leave finger print stains and saves me the trouble of cleaning and polishing it.

Teaching children the concept of money by having a money bank such as this cute dinosaur is a good idea.  They will start learning the value of money at an early age, as they recognize the different types of coins.  As the children get older they will learn to save their gift money for a good purpose.
The slot on the back is comfortable to take out the money easily when needed.

We really like the detailed design on this dinosaur coin bank.  They also have a Noah's ark coin bank, which is a little smaller than this one.  If you have a dino fan they will like this as a money bank or as a collectible.

Pajama shoppe also has a wide selection of night wear for men and women.  I tried their cozy comfortable cotton winter print knit pullover pajama set.  This pajama is so comfy that I could wear it to lounge all day :)  I like the soft material they have used.  The bright red and navy blue is very cheerful.  The prints of snowmen and snowflakes remind me of the joyful season of winter and makes me just want to wear these PJs on cool nights and curl up.
The elastic around the pants are comfortable and doesn't leave marks.  The top is loose fitting, which adds to the coziness.
They have from S to XL.  All the ladies will enjoy this soft cotton pajama set.  It would be a perfect gift to buy for moms or young girls going off to campus.

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