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February 6, 2013

Unique Nashelle Handmade Jewelry

Nashelle has a wide selection of jewelry to suit our taste.  I found the designs of the earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets to be very original and unique.  The simplicity of some designs are inspired by nature and some jewelry have a combination of metal and stone.  I felt a sense of peacefulness and appreciation in all the Nashelle designs, so I had a hard time to choose one that I liked :)
After going through their wide selection, I chose this beautiful stack 'pure' bracelet that goes well with any outfit and can be worn for any occasion.  It looks like there are lots of bangles, but it is a one-piece bracelet that doesn't make noise.  I like the look of wearing 7 bangles without the jingle :) so I found this bracelets very pleasing to wear.  I like how easy it is to put and remove the bracelet.  This sturdy bracelet is available in brass, gold fill and sterling silver.  
I am glad Heather Straw, the founder of Nashelle, uses recycled 14k gold fill, sterling silver material and natural gemstones to make the jewelry.  Each piece of Nashelle jewelry is carefully handmade and not mass-produced so they take a lot of care and love when making these.
Nashelle also allows us to create custom keepsake necklace and bracelet to our liking. They also have Nash for him, which would make lovely gifts for any occasion.  I found their site easy to navigate by clicking on shopping by category and collections.  These classic, modern, chic, bold, beautiful, clean and detailed designs make it a wonderful gift to give any lady, young or old.  
A few gift giving ideas under $40 from Nashelle
I heart Nashelle's values of ‘paying it forward’, as they are dedicated to extend a helping hand to those in need, in their own community and beyond.  Their intention is with every piece of jewelry they sell, they give back to those in need through food, cloths, medical expenses and by supporting local schools.  They currently support disaster relief, KIDS Center, Family Access Network, Cancer Awareness and Feeding America.  We can purchase Nashelle online or in any of the 400+ high-end boutiques worldwide, and be part of helping those in need. 
Keep in touch with nashelle through their Facebooktwitter and pinterest as they post new designs, promotions and information.
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