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October 6, 2012

Terra Nova and Princess Bride

The Complete Series of Terra Nova is on DVD.  We really enjoyed watching Terra Nova when it was running on Fox, however when the show ended with the 1st season we were disappointed.  We are glad it is on DVD so we can watch it many times.  The episodes of this show is fun and interesting that it can be watched a few times without getting bored.  If you have missed this show when it was on TV, then get this 4 disk DVD, which is sure to be enjoyed.  
It is based in the year 2149 when humanity is in the final throes of extinction. Those fortunate enough to escape are allowed to travel back in time 85 million years to an outpost known as Terra Nova. For the Shannon family, it’s a chance to reunite and start over. But once there, they face giant, carnivorous dinosaurs, and mysterious forces conspire to destroy the entire experiment and everyone involved in it.
The Princess Bride is released on Blu-ray for its 25th Anniversary.  This 1987 fairy tale with heroes and villains is fun to watch.  It captures the audience with its dialogue and story line.  
The Blu-ray will have special features such as "True Love: The Princess Bride Phenomenon" that includes interviews with director, executive producer and many others.  

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