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July 2, 2012

Crafts with clay

Creative play is very important in my home, as it is a key element in children's development.  As a parent, I like getting involved and giving my children the opportunity to become creative.  It also allows me to have fun and be a child again :)
Crayola has lots of products that inspire us to become creative.  I bought this tub of air drying clay, which is available at craft stores and office supply sections.  The clay was available in natural clay and white, we chose the white one.
To do this activity we need...
1 tub of Crayola air drying clay
beads optional
our hands and imagination :)
Let children create whatever they like using their imagination.  I liked that the clay wasn't drying too fast, which is important with little hands working and reworking the clay.  
My son created this submarine and many little fun figures, which he accompanied with his stories.  
My daughter wanted to make a big bowl, so I showed her the coiling method by rolling the clay into ropes then shaping it.  After we made it into the shape we like, we pressed in some beads for colour.
After many hours of drying we placed our finished products on our worktables for decor and to hold pens, pencils/ accessories.  
This would be a good activity to do in the summer for fun. We can create useful homemade gifts that grandparents and family will appreciate :) 
Here is a list of more creative ideas that you can do with your children.
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