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January 3, 2017

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Products and Giveaway

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean day products
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products are now available in Canada. I like these aromatherapeutic cleaning products because they are powerful against dirt and grime, and are made with naturally-derived ingredients that are gentle both in our home and to the environment. 

November 19, 2015

Drink in the Box: Healthier, Safer and Better

I like having eco-friendly options that allow my family and I to make healthier, safer, and better choices. Drink in the Box allows us to make this choice! By using Drink in the Box, we can be environmentally conscious and enjoy fresh juice or milk. We can buy large containers of juice and fill this box or make delicious healthier juice at home, instead of buying individual packs of juice that fill landmines and adds extra expense.

September 27, 2014

insink Is An Eco-friendly Product For Our Kitchen

If you are worried about climate change and want to make a difference, then you will like this innovative product that conserves water, time, energy and money. I try to always be conscious about my actions, and environmental impacts and was glad to check out the insink designed by a Toronto based dad, Tonis Tollasepp. insink is being supported through the Kickstarter community, and I think it is a wonderful product that needs our support to come to the market. You can show your support here on his Kickstarter campaign page by raising capital by pre-ordering.