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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Win Your Own World Vision Gift that Gives Back

I think it is important we share with our loved ones how we can help other families and communities become healthier and stronger by supporting them. We can easily to do this by purchasing gifts from World Vision that multiply 12 times in impact. Gifts like a goat + 2 chicken, chicken and eggs, teach a family to fish, honeybees, seeds to plant, fruit tree, give a ger, solar lantern, clothes, shoes, tools and training can help these communities. We can also help communities close to home by providing nutritious food, school supplies, and clothing for children in USA. With every gift we purchase World Vision will include a free personalized card that we can give our loved ones, which will help them know that they made an impact and helped another person.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dazzling duct tape bracelets

I made these cute bracelets following the step-by-step instructions from the Dazzling Duct Tape Designs book by Tamara Boykins.  This book has lots of ideas with colourful pictures for us to make cool things using duct tape and other easy to find material.  I was surprised to see the duct tape sandals, which we can wear.  The other ideas in the book include handbags, wallets, wall art, fashionable accessories, party banners and many more.
To make these simple fun bracelets we used...
Duck Tape brand printed duct tape
clipboard or paper clip optional to hold when braiding
First fold the duct tape to make a single folded duct tape strip.  For adults use a 14" long piece for each strip and for children use 12" long piece.  To make the braid we need 3 single folded strips.
If you have someone to hold then you don't need the clipboard or paper clip.  Secure the three pieces using the clipboard then tightly braid and secure the ends using a small piece of duct tape.  Measure around the hand and bring the sides together and tape it to secure the ends, make sure it is easy to remove and put.
Enjoy wearing the bracelets!
If you would like to win a copy of this Dazzling Duct Tape Designs book enter the giveaway through the rafflecopter below.
Winners must provide an address in US or Canada and follow all my social media networks to qualify.  The winner will have 24 hours to respond from the time I contact.  The giveaway ends on Jan 23rd.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Using colourful patterned Duck Tape to pack gifts

Using colourful duct tape in creative ways is the newest craft trend.  Since "ductivities" are becoming popular there are a lot of coloured and patterned duct tapes available in craft stores, home hardware stores and online.  
I have been using grey duct tape to make crafts such as this rattle and to fix things around the home.  When I saw the beautiful varieties of duct tape Duck Brand has I felt very excited as it helps us become more creative.  
Duct tape crafts are durable, no mess and wonderful to do on our own or as a group.  Although, there are so many things we can do with these creative Duck Tapes the project doesn't have to be complicated.  For starters we can use it to do small creative things such as using it to decorate holiday gift bags.  For this "eco-friendly activity" :) you will need...

Paper shopping bags
colourful Duck Tape
permanent marker

I reused paper shopping bags that I had.  
Use colourful Duck Tape and paste it over the area you want to cover.  Then personalize each bag by writing a message with a permanent marker over the tape. 
Using a roll of decorative duct tape is only limited by our imagination and these types of colourful duct tape help us get started and become creative.

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