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September 21, 2017

Fun Board Games to Encourage Learning

how to build a game cart
I believe playing board games with our children is a fun way for us to get involved in teaching lifelong skills such as problem solving, team playing, communication skills, and help in the development of cognitive thinking. It is so much easier to shop for these toys for children in all ages right from the comfort of our home through

August 19, 2017

Back-to-school shopping on Amazon

We have been busy travelling and enjoying the warm weather, which has made it hard to come to terms with reality - school will be starting in a couple of weeks! With shopping malls becoming busy for back to school shopping, we find the most convenient way to shop is online at

July 24, 2017

Keeping Children Occupied on Road Trips and Hiking at Parks

During the summer months, our minds are in one gear to travel and explore! When travelling with young children we have found being prepared makes life on the road much easier. Even when our children were babies, we always travelled with toys that entertained them such as rattles and plush books. I remember, we had memorized the words on these books as we had read it to them multiple times until one day they were ready to read it back to us.