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November 14, 2012

Feasting with PC

President's Choice makes it easy for us to host holiday parties without spending long hours in the kitchen.  PC has created an array of products especially for the holidays from hors d'oeuvres to desserts and everything in-between.  Although I like making different types of food sometimes having these pre made food allows me to relax and spend time with family and friends.  
PC's black label collection has a variety of products that have unique flavours such as this non-alcoholic Sangria cocktail mixer, Vidal ice syrup made with Vidal grapes from the Niagara peninsula, Almond flatbread etc...
This Almond flatbread made in Spain looks festive so I served it with hummus, however we didn't enjoy it.  The flaky crackers has a combination of flavours from almonds, sugar, anise seeds and sesame seeds that tasted odd to our palate.
We like the Blue Menu products from PC such as the breaded butterfly shrimp, crispy lollipop shrimp and cupcakes, which are wonderful to serve for any occasion.  
PC has a variety of dips such as smoked salmon, spinach etc that taste good served in many combinations from pita to crackers.  They also have a variety of cheese including the party favourite Brie made with 100% Canadian milk.
Asian style snack mix
Treats to munch include nuts, popcorn, chips and snack mixes.  This Asian style snack mix has strong flavours with hints of wasabi coated peas, which would be suitable for adults.   
PC also has our beverages covered with cranberry ginger ale, spice apple, candy cane hot chocolate, candy cane eggnog and many more.  We enjoy the smell and delicious taste of this spice apple cocktail. 
They have unique treats such as the Candy Cane chocolate squares, the big box chocolate toffee collection, biscotti, chocolate fingers, banana crème Dulce de leche cookies etc... that would make lovely finger food and gifts to take to friends and family.
If you are looking to bake something yourself :) then check out their kits i.e. shortbread cookie mix, gingerbread kits, red velvet cakes and brownies.  
The PC insider's report that is online and in stores will give us ideas on what we can serve when we feast during the holidays.  PC products are available at Loblaws, Superstores, Independent, Fortinos, Zehrs markets, Valu-mart, Freshmart and Nofrills.  

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