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April 2, 2012

Hop to watch HOP this weekend

HOP is a fabulous movie to watch this Easter Weekend. It is directed by the same director as Alvin and the chipmunks and producers of Despicable me. It has been out on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital download since March 23rd.

It is about a young rabbit that was destined to be the Easter Bunny that wanted to be a rock star drummer instead. He goes to Hollywood to pursuit his dream and befriends Fred an underachiever in Los Angeles. Together E.B and Fred have a series of hilarious mishaps and adventures; in the end they both recognize the importance of family.

HOP is a non-stop adventure that is packed with humour and lots of funny lines that makes you think and relate :) Most things were in the shape of an egg, including the earth. There was a few parts I loved, one being when David Hasselhoff says that his best friend is a talking car (relating it to the Knight Rider one of my favourite childhood show :). Another when E.B.'s dad says that the Easter egg concept isn't in China yet :) The image of how chocolate is made in the beginning of the movie is very real. We enjoyed the music and dances.

The HOP blu-ray DVD combo pack has a limited digital copy, it also has the new technology UltraViolet copy to store the movie in cloud and stream it to watch on other devices. The combo pack has hi-definition picture and sound with new mini-movies, bonus features and interactive games that are lots of fun.

HOP would be a perfect treat for your bunnies :) Here is a homemade drum we made that was inspired by the movie.
To make this drum you will need...
a balloon that is blown
recycled tin container without any sharp edges
rubber band
strong tape
decorations i.e. HOP stickers

This activity requires the help of an adult. Pop a blown balloon. Cover the opening of the recycled tin container with the popped balloon by stretching it, ask someone else to put a rubber band or two around it to secure the balloon. You can use tape over the rubber band if needed for safety with young children or to make it pretty. Decorate the container with stickers. Enjoy and make some noise :)
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