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January 23, 2013

Dazzling Diamonius Ring

I am glad to bring this Diamonius review so I can introduce you to these beautiful simulated diamond rings.  I like the real and expensive look of these man-made diamond rings. 
When I wear the ring it feels luxurious.  These Diamonius rings are more ethical and environmentally friendly.  I like the variety of designs that are elegant and timeless.  

The 5 C's that motivates us to buy Diamonius
  • Conflict free because there are no ecological devastation or economic and humanitarian effects.  Diamonius donates 2.5% of their sales to communities in Africa where diamonds have devastated the land and people.  
  • Colourless rated D on the diamond colour-grading chart.
  • Clarity on the stones is flawless.  These stones are lab created and will not fade, discolour or cloud.  It is visually indistinguishable from mined diamonds except by special gemologist equipment.
  • These diamonds are measured by Carat.
  • Different Cuts of shapes and designs such as round, emerald, princess, oval, radiant, marquise, cushion, pear and heart.
These diamonds are easy to clean using soapy water or a jewelry cleaner.  I think when we are travelling it is safer to wear these Diamonius rings than real diamonds.  Purchasing these rings will meet our budget more easily than the real deal, without compromising the luxury and elegance.  These rings would make a wonderful gift to a special lady.    
We can purchase these rings online from US, Canada and UK and it will be shipped free to US and Canada.

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