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January 29, 2013

Our dreams may come true as Royale celebrates their 50th year

Royale Golden Kittens are celebrating their 50th year by generously offering one Canadian a chance to win $50,000. They will have 4 runner up cash prizes and 500 instant prizes such as Samsung TVs, Samsung tablets, Blu-ray players, Spa finder gift cards.  
There are 440 tickets hidden in specially marked Royale bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towel and dinner napkins.  We can win 60 tickets online through and their Facebook.  
What will you do if you win $50,000?  I don't know where to begin because there are so many things that I want to do, which is only limited because of money :)  
Some of the things that I want to do are:
Give some money to my family and friends, and donate some to charitable organizations to help those in need. 
Then I want to travel the world with my family and see a part of every continent.
I want to see places like Morocco, Egypt and Turkey in Middle East and Africa, as I admire their landscapes, culture and architecture.
I want to see the snow filled mountains in Alaska.  I like to see all the provinces and territories in Canada.  We want to go to Disneyland and see all the Disney parks and explore the land of dreams :)
There are many countries in Asia such as Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Maldives that I want to visit, so I can explore the cuisine, culture and the excitement of these tropical places i.e. the spas, beaches.
I want to explore and take pictures of the South American rainforest.  And visit places like Brazil and Cuba.
The best part is if I win, I can do all these without going to work for at least a year God willingly with good health. Even if all our dreams will probably not come true, no one can stop us from dreaming.  I am glad this contest from Royale made me think about all the things I can do if I win $50,000.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Golden Kittens Blog Tour by MC Canada on behalf of Royale.  I received compensation as a thank you for participating and sharing my opinion.  All rights reserved on mentioned photographs and written content Createwithmom © 2011 - 2013. Please Ask First