October 12, 2023

Winter-Ready Home Tips to Save on Heating Bills

winter home
Winter is nearly here, and alongside the dream of seeing enchanting snowfall comes the inevitable chill that leaves us wanting nothing more than to huddle closer to the radiators. While it's very tempting, there are a number of ways to keep your home cozy and warm without breaking the bank. Did you know that if you prepare your home now ready for the winter months that you could actually save money on your heating bill? Check out these cost-effective tips to keep your home warm and save on energy bills.

Seal your roof
If your roof has holes it could play a huge role in letting the cold air in, not to mention rainfall. Make sure to repair if needed as it could make your home instantly warmer. If you're doing the job yourself, it's recommended to use a sealing primer to keep the heat inside and the cold out.

While having your roof repaired might not be a cost you want to fork out for right now, making the repairs will instantly begin saving you money by lowering the cost of your heating bill not just for this year, but upcoming years too. Regular roof inspections will help keep this cost down and the home warmer in the chilly weather.

Turn your thermostat down
If you come home to a cold house it's no wonder you stick the heating on as high as possible to warm the place up. But did you know that using your heating for a quick blast of heat actually costs you more than keeping it on lower for longer?

If you have a smart heating system, consider using an app to turn your heating on low an hour or two before you get home. That way, once you arrive home it will already be nice and toasty!

Check your furnace
Having a furnace inspection regularly will also ensure that it's working as it should be - and most efficiently. Find a local furnace installation company to come and check it over and recommend anything you could do to make your system more effective. Again, the cost of these checks and repairs right now will pay off for years to come, and keep you and your family nice and warm during the winter.

Move furniture away from radiators
It may make sense to keep your furniture against the radiators to make more room in your home, but did you know that by doing this you could be blocking the heat from warming the rest of your home? Even if it's only for the winter months, keep furniture away from the radiators so the heat can spread much easier around your home (not to mention reducing a fire hazard!).

Dig out your winter furnishings
Now's the time to dig out your thicker curtains, throws, scatter cushions and rugs. If you've been storing them away they may need a dry clean, so now is a great time to get started. Thicker furnishings will help trap the heat and keep it where it should be - inside of your home! And there's nothing better than snuggling on the couch under a throw with a hot chocolate!

Consider having your windows tinted
Window tinting is fairly new to the scene, but can make the world of difference when it comes to keeping heat in your home. They provide privacy from the outside world, help elongate your furniture's life by blocking harmful sun rays, and they also help keep heat in. They're really inexpensive and easy to apply. Worth it for some extra heat being kept in your home.

Use draught excluders
Another fantastic way of ensuring the heat stays in and the cold stays out is by using draught excluders on your windows and doors. If any of your windows or doors have gaps that let in cold air, pop a draught excluder in front of it! 
draft stopper how to make
If you want to be frugal, try making your own like we did with this step-by-step instructions on how to make a draft stopper that will last for years. 

Finally, one final way of keeping warm during the chilly months is by putting on more layers! Lounge around in your dressing gowns, pjs and fluffy socks. Not only is this great for family time, but it's much kinder on the wallet too!

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