September 19, 2023

How to get dreamy fluttery lashes: Preparation and Application

You've probably gazed into the mirror, flicking those lashes and wondering, "How do those beauty influencers achieve those dreamy, fluttery lashes?" Maybe you've tried mascaras that promised the moon and stars but fell short. Or perhaps you've had a few teary moments when that promising eyelash extension session didn't quite pan out. Lashes can be stubborn.
Lash serum could bring you a step closer to get the results you want. But beyond just the product itself, it's the application technique that can truly work wonders. Knowing how to apply lash serum correctly can maximize its magic. 

Proper Preparation for the Application

Ensuring Clean Lashes and Eyelids:
Ever splashed water on a greasy pan? Yep, it slides right off. That's precisely what happens when you try applying lash serum on an eyelid that's not properly cleaned. No matter how fantastic your lash serum is, if there's residue in the way, it just won't work as effectively.

Your eyelids, like the rest of your face, are exposed to the environment. Dust, sweat, and makeup remnants all build up over the day. The very first step to ensuring your lash serum works its best magic is to give your lids and lashes a thorough clean.

Selecting the Right Cleansers
Not every cleanser is your lash serum's best friend. You'll want something gentle yet effective. Think micellar water or a gentle, hypoallergenic makeup remover. These heroes will sweep away the impurities without stripping your skin or leaving a residue that can act as a barrier to your serum.

Avoiding Oil-based Products:
Oils and serums? Not the best mix. Oil-based makeup removers might leave a film on your eyelids, creating a slippery surface that can repel the lash serum. It's like trying to mix oil and water. So, for the nights you're applying lash serum, it's a smart move to steer clear of oil-based products.

Handling the Serum Bottle:
Every product has its quirks. Some lash serums need a little shake before use, while others might require gentle rolling between your hands. Always read the instructions, because giving that bottle the right prep can ensure an even distribution of all those lash-boosting ingredients.

How to Apply Lash Serum: Step-by-Step Application Guide

The first step is to determine the correct product amount: More doesn't always mean better. Overloading your lashes with serum won't speed up the process and might lead to some unwanted stickiness. Most serums are designed to deliver the right amount of product in one or two swipes. Trust the design, and avoid the temptation to go overboard.

When applying, start at the inner corner of your eye and gently sweep the serum applicator along the base of your upper eyelashes. This isn't a race—taking your time ensures each lash gets its fair share of the serum. And no need to rub or massage; let the serum do its thing.

The lower lashes need love too, but they're a tad trickier. Use a light hand and apply the serum on your lower lashes just as you did with the upper lashes. But here's a pro tip: use the tip of the applicator for better control and to prevent any product from getting too close to your eye.

Here's a golden rule—keep the serum out of your eyes! If, by chance, you get a bit of serum in your eye, don't panic. Rinse your eyes with cool water and give them a moment to recover. Always keep a steady hand, and remember, practice makes perfect.

Aftercare and Maintenance
Taking care of your lashes doesn't stop once the serum is applied. Just like any skincare routine, the steps you take afterwards matter just as much.

Stay Consistent: It’s a simple truth: lash serums need time and regularity to show results. Think of it as your evening ritual. A few moments each night can lead to noticeable changes over weeks.

Give It Time Before Layering: Once you've applied the serum, it's wise to let it sink in. Wait a bit before you think about layering on that mascara or eyeshadow. This ensures that the serum gets the best shot at doing its job, undisturbed.

Eat for Your Lashes: Believe it or not, what you eat can affect your lashes. Foods rich in biotin like eggs, or those high in omega-3s like salmon, are lash-friendly choices. Adding them to your diet can give your lashes the nutrients they need to thrive.

Ease Up on the Tools: While it's tempting to reach for that mascara or eyelash curler daily, sometimes lashes need a break. Using them less frequently can help reduce potential wear and tear on your lashes.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Even with the best intentions, sometimes we can go astray in our lash care routine. Here are some common missteps and tips to keep you on track.

The Temptation of More: It's a common thought: if a little is good, more must be better. But with lash serums, that's not always the case. Stick to the recommended amount. Your lashes will thank you.

Stick to the Plan: Missing a day here or there might not seem like a big deal, but consistency is the key to seeing real results. Try to make it a part of your nightly routine.

Keep It Fresh: Just as you wouldn't eat out-of-date food, be wary of using expired lash serums. Besides potentially being less effective, they might not be safe. Always check those dates.

Hands Off: We all do it—rubbing our eyes when we're tired or stressed. But this habit can counteract the work your serum is doing. If you've just applied, try to keep your hands at bay.

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