July 22, 2021

Things To Check After Storm Damage

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After a storm has passed, the first thing you should do is inspect the interior of your home to see if there is any damage after the storm. Then, go around the outside of the house looking for indications of storm damage. Of course, it might take more than a quick tour all around to uncover some less obvious storm damage issues, but it's an excellent place to start. Read on to find out where some of the worst damage could be and what to look out for.

Your Roof 
The first thing to look at is the roof. Heavy debris, hail, or falling tree branches from nearby trees will strike the roof forcefully, leaving holes, cracks, and dents. If left neglected, this causes leaks, mildew, wood decay, and even eventual ceiling collapse. Look for holes, cracks, and dents in the roofing, as well as split seams, missing shingles, cuts in the flashing and vents, and cracks in tile and slate.

After that, inspect the gutters for dirt, dings, and debris. If you have an issue, call an expert to carry out gutter cleaning as soon as possible. Then, look for damage, dents, and fractures in the shingles. Finally, inspect the interior of the house to determine whether the ceiling is leaking. If it's too risky to do it yourself, get a professional to inspect and fix your roof.

Doors And Windows
When a door is removed from its hinges, it can cause a tremendous amount of damage to the exterior (and interior) of a property. This is because, in many cases, the door is actually still attached to the frame, and it will be thrown continually against the walls and other areas of the property. The damage in this case is going to be made very plain as soon as you start looking. You'll be able to see dents, chips, scrapes, damaged door frames, and exposed nails.

Windows are another component that has an impact on both the inside and outside. Once flying debris or hail collides with the windows, shards of broken glass will fly in all directions, and that will be the first warning; if you know this has happened, you know there is a lot of potential damage to watch out for. More indications to look for include holes, cracks, exposed nails, cracked window sills, cracked frames, cracked casings, and shattered glass.

Yard Items
In addition to all of this, you need to check the yard and all the items within it too. Look for damage to the pool, spa, sauna, and so on. Look for damage to any landscaping or garden ornaments. Look for damage to the shed and carport or garage. You should also check the deck, porch, outside lighting, and see if there are any areas of flooding in the yard, particularly problematic if it's close to the house, uprooted trees, or damaged tree branches.

The truth is, storm damage does not end here; it can also impact the foundation and home structure. However, these locations are more likely to sustain damage since they are really at the mercy of the elements. If you notice damage in these areas, it will prompt you to do a more complete investigation of the home's inside and exterior.

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  1. A very useful checklist, we have been having some turbulent weather this summer.

  2. We always check out back yard as we have two old maple trees and we also check our basement as many years ago we had a leak and I always worry it will happen again!

  3. Thanks very much for sharing this helpful reminder and these great tips.

  4. We are luck not to have damage from storms. We have a many go through our area

  5. Shingles are always the first thing I check after crazy winds

  6. That's a great list! I've never experienced any storm damage, but it's great to know this in case it ever happens to us.

  7. Luckily I've never experienced worse than some missing shingles, there are big trees in my neighbourhood and thats concerning when the winds pick up.

  8. I always check my shingles after a storm.


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