August 29, 2022

How to Modernize Your Home Without Losing Its Character

modernizing the home
For many people, the idea of a modern home means sleek lines and bright lights, but not a lot of character. However, it is important that a home has character that feels good and reflects your personality. It is possible to modernize your home and retain its character! Here are four ways to make it happen.

Ditch The Clutter
It might sound cliche, but older homes are typically packed with clutter, making them look even older. It seems as if everything is precariously balanced on everything else, and the slightest misstep could send all of your clutter tumbling to the floor.

It's well understood how clutter affects your mental health and how a tidy house equates to a tidy mind, but it can also make your home look tired. Too much clutter makes it impossible to keep your home tidy and makes it difficult to decorate it the way you'd like. While it can be challenging to say goodbye to old items, the benefits of decluttering are always worth it.

Transform the Floors
Carpeted floors boast many benefits, especially during those frigid winters when you first climb out of bed. However, carpets and rugs are also frustrating to maintain, especially if you have kids and pets who love nothing more than to spill their food or make a mess.

Replacing your carpets with Engineered bamboo hardwood is a popular choice for many homeowners. Hardwood floors are easier to maintain and provide the versatility that carpet lacks. Spills and other mess won't be as much of a problem, so you can keep your home looking as good as new.

Protect Your Family
Home security has become a hot topic recently. This isn't to say the world is more dangerous than it once was, but residential security cameras have evolved to be more convenient and discreet. If you have young kids and pets, protecting your family through camera doorbells and access control systems is a great solution.

These products allow you to monitor your home from anywhere, so you can always stay on top of home security and prevent considerable property damage and loss.

Embrace Energy Efficiency
Another hot topic is energy efficiency. Despite this, many homeowners feel that replacing fridges, freezers, washers, and dryers is unnecessary, especially while they still work. Although these appliances may work, they might still consume too much energy.

The most obvious signs to tell us that it's time to replace appliances are weird noises or poor performance. It might seem like nothing wrong with the appliances, but upgrading them can make the household more efficient, less frustrating, and reduce environmental footprint.

Contemporary Character
Modernizing the home can reduce energy bills, make the house more comfortable, and ensure it lasts much longer than expected. 

These are some ideas to consider when you are thinking of transforming your home without losing the character that attracted you to your house initially.

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