August 25, 2021

Changing Home Trends

home trend accent wall
These days home trends are constantly and rapidly changing. For a long time neutral colours have dominated the home. Usually, modern homes are showered with wall colours such as white, beige, grey, and cream. Although it may make the home look sophisticated, it's been overdone. With many people being indoors due to the pandemic, paint colours in earth tones such as brown, orange, red and yellows have made a come back. 

Most modern homes have some kind of faux tile that is either vinyl or some kind of other synthetic material that doesn’t feel real and doesn’t give that homely feel. It has become easy to tell apart real and faux wood, which is why many people have started to install hardwood flooring. The wide selection of wood have their own unique look and feel that responds to the ambiance of the room. For example, oak is strong and heavy, which can last with minimal upkeep, and wood such as rosewood and maple are tough,  aesthetically pleasing choices.

For a while now, minimalism has taught the modern home designer that less is more. However this year interior design magazines have been displaying the total opposite. Maximalism is being floundered around the world, with more decoration, more expression and more items that give depth and character to one’s home. One piece that is taking center stage is the bookcase. This dark earth tone piece that dominates a room can be varnished in orange, red, dark brown and or kept natural with just a layer of oil to protect it.

To bring in more coziness, there has been additions of natural materials such as wool, cotton and linen on couches and in the choice of curtains. Many people that design their homes are choosing earthy tones to get a more homely and comforting look and feel.

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