August 17, 2021

Simple And Affordable Ways To Boost The Curb Appeal Of Your House

Enhancing curb appeal on a limited budget can be difficult. However, if you look closely at the exterior of each home, you will notice that ambitious projects are not always what attracts a person's attention. Small details entice them and tie everything together.
While renovating the entire exterior of a home can be extremely expensive, a bit of DIY curb appeal is less expensive and easier than you might think. All it takes is just a little attention to detail and some time and energy.

Tidy up the landscape
The landscape is one of the most important selling points on the outside of any residence. A symmetrical appearance and a neatly trimmed finish of landscaping draws attention to a home's best features. If you already have landscape design around your property, updating it will be a breeze.

Start by pruning and grooming existing plants and flowers. Then, add any requisite potted plants and flowers; you may want to investigate which colours complement your home's exterior colour and accents. Do not forget to mow the lawn and get rid of any leaves that have dropped off from trees and bushes. Last, but not least, remove any weeds that may have sprouted through.

You will save a lot of money if you cary out the work yourself rather than hiring help. You will also most likely be able to complete everything in a couple of weekends.

Paint the woodwork
Chipped, flaky and weather-damaged paint looks tatty and makes the whole property look unkempt and uncared for. A quick application of paint on any woodwork on the front of the house, plus any fences and gates in the garden will make it look much better. You can do it yourself or get the painters in if you are limited with time.

Perk up the porch
Updating existing front porch lights will give a whole new look. Combined with a new front door handle it will look totally different. Your address numbers could be directly beneath the porch light. Updating your address numbers to a more modern font is an often under appreciated home update that is extremely simple and inexpensive.

Finish it off by adding a pair of planters or some fabulous topiary on either side of the door.

Change the front door
Your front door is the last thing guests see before coming into your home. Painting it can give it a new lease on life, a splash of colour, and a more modern appearance. Try wood staining if you want to go above and beyond. Wood staining creates elevated and stylish ornamentation at a cost comparable to laying down a fresh coat of paint.

Pressure wash the drive and footpaths
Pressure washers are well known for their ability to remove dust, dirt, mildew, and other stains that you thought were irreversible. They can also remove paint, so keep a safe distance from your home while doing it, unless you want to have to do the painting all over again!

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