June 7, 2021

Keeping the Garden Neat And Tidy

createwithmom garden
Sit back, relax and enjoy your corner of green paradise: this is the dream of every garden owner when summer arrives. But it's not that simple, because grass always grows back too quickly and the rain allows the bushes to overgrow in abundance. It is all the more important to prune regularly so that the native plants retain their shape. It is also important to keep your garden free from unwanted critters and creatures as they too can damage and destroy wildlife. For example, you may want to look at skunks removal! We have a skunk that is too curious with our pond, and often removes things from it. We do try to prevent it from destroying the pond area by covering the pond every night with a mesh.

Keep things neat!
For curbsides to look appealing and still allowing privacy, it is important to keep the edges neat and the hedges at a good height by staying on top of this before they grow too high. As birds also nest during this period, it is important to use caution when trimming edges as there maybe bird nests in the hedges. Battery-powered hedge trimmers are a good choice for this type of work. Lightweight battery-powered hedge trimmers allow precise and prolonged work, and it does not emit gases. These types of trimmers are particularly quiet, which is an advantage for many in smaller communities.

Well-maintained borders
Clean edges on lawns look delightful! But it takes a lot of effort and work. Ensuring that you complete maintenance and pruning will make your garden look neat, even if other things are lying around in the yard. Pruning tools are not expensive and are often ergonomic and easy to handle, it really helps to keep edges and borders neat and the garden looking aesthetically pleasing season after season!

Advice for lawn maintenance in summer
During the summer, the mower is used intensively. It is better to mow regularly but gently for a dense lawn. For all areas that are difficult to reach with the lawnmower, for example around flower beds or under trees, a lightweight edger is a suitable tool. In addition, the turf will appreciate a second nutrient supply during the summer, after spring fertilization and this can be added with a watering can, which will keep the lawn looking green and lush for a longer time. However do not overdo the water and drown the lawn! This will make it soggy and you are more likely to have issues with critters such as slugs and more spiders. Only in a drought should the lawn be watered daily, or in the case of the lawn being freshly laid, which then it will need the moisture. But, even then, it is not necessary to water every day, instead it is better to water once or twice a week. This way you can create a garden that looks good, is healthy and is green and luscious.

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