June 3, 2021

Trending Fashion Brands in 2021

trending fashion brand
Although the pandemic hit hard on the economy in 2020, 2021 holds many promises as global fashion brands refuse to slow down. For example, the Calvin Klein brand launched its Spring and Summer ‘Blank Canvas’ campaign in April this year, which set the ball rolling for its 2021 fashion agenda. Moreover, it’s understandable why these notable brands will release new collections every quarter, considering that the global fashion market will grow at 7.18% from now to 2025. Are you a fashion enthusiast who loves to know what’s trending? Read more here for the top 3 fashion brands in 2021.

Earlier this year, Gucci collaborated with North Face to celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of the brand. Additionally, the centennial celebration included a screening of the film ‘House of Gucci,’ featuring Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, a Lyst survey conducted in April revealed that the fashion giant benefits from substantial online shopping.
Gucci recorded a surprising increase in its online purchases from January to April 2021. That is in sharp contradiction to what the fashion brand registered in 2020. Understandably, they took a hit due to the pandemic, but things seem to look better. Gucci has launched its Fall and Winter Ready-to-wear collection for the year. Fashion experts are hopeful that the centennial celebrations will boost sales even further.

The Christian Dior group is an international fashion brand that showed impressive resilience against the coronavirus pandemic. From January to December 2020, they recorded remarkable proceeds exceeding 44 billion Euros. Although sales in Europe dwindled, Dior’s massive markets in the US, Canada, and Asia contributed significantly to their performance.
This year, the fashion brand hopes to improve upon this performance from last year. Moreover, with COVID vaccinations already in the mix, Dior has planned more runway activities for summer through to fall and winter. With its Pre-Fall 2021 collection, fashion enthusiasts believe the released styles are dynamic enough to generate increased interest in 2022.

Louis Vuitton
Unlike Dior, Louis Vuitton did not perform too well in 2020. The brand recorded a drop in sales as revenue fell by about 7% in the third quarter of last year. Some factors that accounted for the decline were: Travel restrictions, shop closure, and a halt in product production.

Did you know that the Louis Vuitton brand intended to acquire US jeweller Tiffany by November 24, 2020? Sadly, this did not pull through last year because the French brand (Louis Vuitton) accused Tiffany of mismanaging the global health crisis. Luck, however, smiled on both brands in January 2021 when the purchase finally pulled through at $15.8 billion. Although it was discounted from the initial agreed amount of $16.2 billion, experts say it doesn’t hurt the French brand at all. Therefore, for 2021, do not be surprised to see jewellery featuring a lot more on Louis Vuitton runways.

Online sales boosted Nike’s performance during the 2020 pandemic year. According to the sports footwear brand, that was a pleasant surprise, especially as they braced themselves for the worst performance and decreased revenue generation in a decade. Although Nike forecasted a 20-30% sales decline in March 2020, Reuters indicate they recorded only a 3% decline, albeit in post-market trade. Meanwhile, WSJ believes that September 2020 turned the tide around for the fashion giant, mainly because more people were still home. That caused a sharp increase in online purchases, especially for persons who found it worthwhile to exercise more.

In 2021, the Sports brand released a new footwear and apparel collection focusing on easy and comfortable wear for home use or workout purposes. The Nike Air Max series has taken the lead in generating interest in sports footwear. Additionally, the sports brand signed new deals with various sporting activities to intensify its post-COVID marketing strategies. Hopefully, if the trend continues, Nike will dominate the sportswear industry and boost its revenue generation. Already, there are talks of releasing the 2022 Air Max upgrade before the new year to satisfy their enthusiastic customers.

The world economy seems to have come to terms with the pandemic and is recovering from the shock. Although some countries have recorded new surges, brands in the fashion industry seem to be working more and recording impressive gains.

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