February 24, 2021

Win this Inspiring Embroidery Book

embroidery design plant
I love embroidery work and enjoy doing them often, it is a satisfying and calming activity to do. Freshly Stitched Modern Embroidery for Absolute Beginners by Celeste Johnston is a colourful book that anyone who enjoys embroidery will find it fun to look through and get inspired to stitch the designs. This book combines my love for gardening and needlework, and I am sure it will inspire you too.  
embroidery design plant
I am happy the book includes twelve different floral patterns we can trace and recreate. There are step-by-step instructions with pictures and all the basics explained in detail. I find the embroidery work in this book easy to follow, it is perfect for those who have just started this hobby. 
embroidery design plant
I found this book not only inspiring, but interactive as well because after each project there is a page that says "stitch diary" where the author shares a beautiful quote, tells a little about the inspiration behind the embroidery and about the author, then asks us a question we can think about and jot down the answer in the given space. Some of these answers will get us inspired to try our own designs. 
embroidery design plant
I did the Greener by the Dozen design from this book by transferring this design to a cotton fabric I had. The author suggests that it is easier to stitch the plant, then the pots, and then the shelf to keep the stitches neat and to maintain the layers. 

Once you get the materials - fabric, embroidery hoop, embroidery floss, needle, and a pair of scissors - you can easily follow the instructions on this book and make beautiful designs that can be displayed on embroidery hoops or stitched onto other decor such as cushion covers or on clothes.
embroidery design plant satin stitch
Most of the stitches in this design was satin stitch that goes in from one point (A) to the other end (B). Then from under the cloth to the point above A then to the point above B, and continue going back and forth. 
embroidery plant satin stitch
If you live in Canada or USA and would like to win this book, enter the giveaway before March 25th using the giveaway tool. Please leave comments and follow my social media networks to be eligible to win. 
Update: The winner is Natalie
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