October 25, 2016

LEGO Inspiration Tours and Books

lego bricks
During our visit to St. Jacob's in Waterloo, we enjoyed playing at the Toy Building Zone located right across the Holiday Inn Express. We also went to the Lego Nation Tour when it happened in Toronto, and had hours of fun building with Lego and finding lots of inspiration.
lego nation tour
My son has been using Lego bricks to come up with a variety of picture designs. He has been exploring Lego Technic and finds it interesting. My children have been reading Lego and Star Wars inspired DK readers such as Death Star Battles, The Story of Darth Vader; I like that these readers encourage them to be engaged reading.  
lego books
We have been exploring the below Lego books from DK such as...
lego books
LEGO Star Wars The Dark Side takes the reader on a journey to meet the LEGO® Star Wars minifigure members such as Darth Vader battling Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker, the Sith and all of Darth Vader's minifigure subjects, the Death Star and all of the Sith starships. There are facts and information about the LEGO Star Wars minifigures and vehicles from the dark side in action-packed situations. This book includes an exclusive minifigure that fans would want to own. 
lego books
The fully revised and updated edition of LEGO® Star Wars®: The Visual Dictionary shows all of the new sets and innovations from LEGO® Star Wars®. It includes detailed and annotated photography giving insight into the characters, locations, creatures, and spacecraft of the LEGO galaxy far, far away. Fans of all ages will learn about every LEGO Star Wars set released while exploring the updated cross sections that expose the inner workings of larger-piece sets such as the Death Star or Millennium Falcon. The updated "Beyond the Bricks" chapter goes behind-the-scenes to take a look at how LEGO sets are made, new models, plus fun fan creations. It also includes an exclusive LEGO Star Wars minifigure.
lego books
DK's LEGO® Star Wars® Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded includes all LEGO Star Wars minifigures. We will be able to discover LEGO Star Wars facts, such as which minifigure is the rarest and which can be found in the most LEGO sets. This updated and expanded edition includes an exclusive minifigure to add to our collection.

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