July 6, 2016

Delicious Riviera Petit Pot

I recently came across Riviera Petit Pot and enjoyed tasting the quality and flavour of their products like butter, yogurt, and crème fraîche. Riviera Petit Pot products are available at selected stores such as McEwan Grocery, some Loblaw stores, Metro, Sobeys, and more - you can easily find the store locations close to your home on their site. 
ThRiviera Petit Pot unsalted butter comes in a beautiful pot that holds 125 g of butter. I like that the ingredients are pure; it is made with two ingredients - fresh cream and bacterial culture. They also have goat milk butter and salted butter, which I have yet to taste. 
The crème fraîche is flavourful and goes well with desserts, taco, or as a topping with savoury fritters, and more. It is made with cream and bacterial culture. I like that it comes in the beautiful little pot, so we can store it covered in the fridge or serve it in a presentable way directly out of the container. 
The Riviera Petit Pot yogurt made with organic milk comes in four different fruit flavours figs, nuts, rhubarb, and apricot on the bottom. I like that the fruits have a delicious jam like consistency and the flavour pairs well with the yogurt. 
They also have yogurt made with goat's milk. We don't usually go for goat's milk in our home because of its strong smell and flavour, however no one at home noticed that the yogurt was made with goat's milk because it tasted flavourful and wholesome. It comes with fruits flavours such as strawberries, vanilla, lemon, and coconut on the bottom.

The yogurts taste thick and creamy, which we enjoyed. I like that all the ingredients used are natural, and that the products didn't have additives. We enjoyed the Riviera Petit Pot yogurt has dessert after meals and for breakfast. This yogurt makes easy desserts to serve guests as well. 
I like that they have plastic lids for the containers, which is sold separately in packs of 12. This allows us to reuse the containers for storage purposes. 
I like that the Riviera Petit Pot glass containers do not have hard to remove labels on them. This allows us to quickly and easily reuse it. These containers have come in handy in our home, and have inspired us to do a variety of crafts, fill them up with flowers, and to serve homemade desserts and appetizers. 
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  1. Oh everything looks so yummy!
    Flowers are wonderful

  2. Where have to seen the plastic lids for sale?

    1. It can be purchased online and I saw it close to where the products are in the store such as McEwans on Donmills


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