October 7, 2015

We Day Inspires Us to Spark a Positive Change

I have been attending We Day for the past four years, and every year I feel We Day inspires me to do more to help others. My daughter has been accompanying me for the past few years. She loves the shows and the inspiring speeches at We Day, and was excited for weeks before we went and also after the event. I love seeing the passion and excitement of We Day where everyone like-minded gathers to show that we can all spark a change and make a difference everyday to better someone else's life. Thinking of WE is so much satisfying than thinking of ME. We love how We Day empowers people to make a difference, and think about others. 
This is what my daughter had to say about We Day... "I like the We Day message of being able to help people from around the world, and be able to give them what we have like clean water, and schools. We Day is not only a concert, it is a way to bring people with the same interest to create positive change and help the less fortunate. It is a way we can raise money to help others."

I am glad that We Day has inspired her to make a difference and start thinking of “We” instead of “Me”. 

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  1. What a wonderful mother daughter thing to do!

  2. I love all the lights. And I think this is such a worthwhile event, too!!!

  3. Definitely an inspiring event!

  4. I love to watch this event, I bet being there is even more awesome

  5. This looks like such an awesome event with a great message!


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