August 4, 2015

RAVPower Portable Chargers

If you need a quick charge for your phone, then you can do it stylishly with this fashionable RAVPower 3200mAh Portable Charger Power Bank External Battery Pack. This lipstick-shaped portable charger can be easily carried in our pockets or handbag. It is made with Aluminum alloy, and the luster series comes in different colours to match our preference. 

I like how useful this device is when we are on the go, and realize the phone needs to be charged. It is simple as plugging in the phone to the device and charging it directly from inside the bag. The luster has a unique clip with 3 LED lights that indicate battery level and a power button to turn on the device. A wall charger is not included with this device. The luster takes about 3 hours to charge with the included micro-USB cable.

If your phone is dependent on this battery pack to give it a 100% charge everyday, the battery pack would need to be recharged daily, which might not be practical since it could be easily forgotten at home and might not be available when you are on the go. After using it a few time, I realized the RAVPower 3200mAh portable charger is wonderful to use, as a quick phone charger to get through a full working day. If it is used for this purpose, then we can charge it every couple of days.
I have also been using the RAVPower Luster series 5200mAh Portable charger that is available in a variety of colours such as black, pink, silver, and blue. This charger weighs less than 5 ounces making it very portable. With the built in iSmart fast charging port it can charge most phones multiple times at the maximum allowed charging speed. I really like the performance, as I can get two full charges on my iPhone as long as I remember to charge the device. 
The built in 4 light indicator shows the battery level. Like most RAVPower portable chargers the luster series has a multiple safety system such as temperature, short-circuit, over charge, and over-current protection. I like that the device comes with a pouch, and that it has a unique design with the shiny edges and the strong compact feel that is made of aluminum alloy. I find it useful that the input and output ports, the power button, and the LED battery lights are all on one end of the unit.

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  1. That's useful! A lot of chargers are awkwardly thick or bulky for my bag so it's important that a charger has a good form so I can actually keep it with me.


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