August 4, 2015

Papaya Juice & Colourful Entertaining Products from Trudeau

I love the new wave of bright colours and cool shapes of kitchen items for the table from Trudeau. These products with the beautiful timeless appeal and functionality truly celebrates colour. My family and I love using these products everyday, and I am glad they have used organically coloured glass and sustainable wood, which is also good for the environment. I love how we can match our decor with these vibrant hues and bring excitement to our summer entertainment.

This colourful collection reminded me of the tropics, and inspired me to make this papaya juice that I haven't made in quite a while. I served this papaya juice in the Palatina tumblers, which are perfect for entertainment or for everyday use. The tumblers come in two sizes 11 oz Double Old Fashion and 17 oz Highball, and in three saturated colours, green, blue and red, which are sprayed with organic ink. The pebbled texture adds another element to the look, ideal for sipping on the patio. To make this juice you will need...
1 papaya
Sugar, honey or sweetener depending on the taste of papaya
the amount of water depends on the size of the papaya and preferred consistency of the juice

Cut the papaya into two, and scoop out the black seeds of the papaya and discard it. Peel and discard the peel of the papaya.
Cut the papaya into pieces, and place it in the blender with the sweetener of your choice and water. I love using the smoothie mode of my Breville Hemisphere Twist Blender, as it blends the fruit well giving the juice a smooth texture. 

Serve this juice chilled. It can be served with ice cream.
We can store our summer drinks, water, or any other beverage in the beautiful Giara collection of glass bottles that is available in 9 different shades of colours reminiscent of sparkling Italian sodas. The top closes with a plastic and rubber lid that can hold 33 ¾ oz, ideal for storing. One or a combination of these glass bottles would look great on any table.
I love these classic Fido storage jars that have the brightly coloured lids, which are sprayed with organic ink and come in a rainbow of sherbet shades; turquoise, fuchsia, green, and orange. 
The lid has a sturdy wire hinge that is perfect for storing and keeping an airtight seal. They come in four different sizes ranging from 22 ¼ oz to 4 ½ oz.
The glassware such as the Fido storage jars, Palatina tumblers, and Giara collection of glass bottles are from the Bormioli Rocco collection, which is made in Italy and distributed exclusively in Canada by Trudeau. 
The 12" tall premium mills are made of European beechwood, sourced from sustainable forests. The durable carbon steel mechanism offers the finest grind of pepper. I love this professional series dual tone mill, which has a classic shape and an extra impact of graduated colour creating an ombre effect. This mill is available in shades of red and aqua.
Let the sunshine in all year round by stocking up on these colour and functional products from Trudeau that is available in many stores that sell kitchen products.

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  1. I love Trudeau product, they have nice design, beautiful colour and they last forever.

  2. What gorgeous colours! And I've never tried Papaya juice. Looks delish!

  3. These are very pretty. a def plus compared to the normal boring kind


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