December 29, 2014

Win a Gift Card to Order Your Own StickerBrand Wall Decal

StickerBrand Wall Decal
It has been a year since I placed a beautiful StickerBrand Wall Decal in our basement living and entertainment room, which we really like. I like how StickerBrand Wall Decals make my space feel special and unique. In our living room on the main floor we have an area that I find difficult to make functional and attractive, so I thought of using a StickerBrand Wall Decal to make this space livelier and to create a focal point.
StickerBrand Wall Decal
Adding the StickerBrand Wall Decal has immediately transformed this space to become vibrant and gives it the spark it needed. Looking through the beautiful designs of Wall Decals on StickerBrandI thought of using a white Daisy StickerBrand Wall Decal.

To do this project...
First we primed the space and then painted the wall with spinach green paint. 
Then we followed the clear, simple to follow step-by-step instructions that came with the wall decal and planned how and where we wanted to place it because once pasted the vinyl wall decals cannot be re-positioned.
Before peeling we used a flat craft spatula (thin drywall spatula) to firmly press each decal onto the paper. This helped peel the paper while placing the decal on the wall without the decal coming off.
We removed the peel carefully starting from the top in one direction. In some spots we used our fingers to smooth over to ensure the decal sticked to the wall.
After the decal was pasted, we used a cloth to wipe over and smoothen the surface.
StickerBrand Wall Decal
I find the quality of the wall decals from StickerBrand gives the space a spark, and makes it attractive. Their prices are also reasonable. I have been proven right in deciding to use the StickerBrand Wall Decal to brighten this space, when family and friends come over and admire it. Everyone at home finds this space more enjoyable because of the bright wall and contrasting flowers; it is much better than looking at a plain wall :) 
StickerBrand Wall Decal
Since I like StickerBrand so much, I am glad I can partner with them to bring you this giveaway. If you are in US or Canada and would like to order your own wall decal in any size or colour for any space for a product value of $70 then enter the giveaway below through the rafflecopter before January 26. Please follow my social media networks and StickerBrand's social media networks to be eligible to win.
Update: The winner is Silvia

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