December 29, 2014

TaoTronics LED Multi-function Desk Lamp

My family and I have been using this LED Multifunction Desk Lamp from TaoTronics for a few days now, and I think this type of technology is something everyone will appreciate using on a regular basis. There are four lighting modes on this lamp: reading, studying, relaxing, and sleep time. We can also control five levels of brightness on this lamp by pressing the + or - button. There is also a 60 minute timer. This eco-friendly light provides a safe, comfortable, consistent light that stimulates concentration without eyestrain. I like that when we change the modes, it does not flicker so our eyes are not strained.

It has 11 to 14W power and has a 30cm, >2000 LUX illumination and 2500K to 7000K colour temperature, allowing us to enjoy different lights at different times of the day, depending on our moods. 
The package mentions that TaoTronics has not used any environmentally harmful substances to make this lamp. I like the light consumes low power, which is 75% less power than typical fluorescent light. Since it is LED light, this lamp is said to last 40 times longer than a bulb if it is used 5 hours for up to 22 years by its manufacturer. 

Another wonderful part about this light is that we can plug our devices such as MP3 and mobile phones into its USB power port as it supplies 5V power. 
The multi-pivot flexible position allows the light to be rotated to 180 degrees on its lamp base or move 40, 90, and 50 degrees. I like keeping the light close to its pivot when not in use. It is a very stylish and a sleek light that can be used in any room or office. The package comes with a cleaning cloth to easily wipe off our fingerprints and to maintain the light.

It is easy to assemble this light. The LED Multifunction Desk Lamp is available in black and white that can be purchased on Amazon.  

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  1. what a cool product! i love that there are 4 different settings but most of all that it has a 60 minute timer! i dont know how many times my husband forgot to turn his desk light off!

  2. I love the timer best,many morning I wake up and find the lamp still on in the computer room...this would save me money

  3. This is such a smart lamp. It would be good for an office.

  4. This would be awesome in my sons basement room :)

  5. I like how modern this lamp looks. It's pretty smart to have a lamp that you can plug your devices into for a charge!

  6. What an interesting lamp! Looks great!

  7. This would look great in my husbands office!

  8. This would be great way to declutter my desk. I seem to have chargers everywhere
    (Debbie W)

  9. This looks so handy! I want one!


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