September 4, 2014

View of Montreal from Mount Royal

One of our favourite moments in Montreal was going to Mont Royal and seeing all of Montreal from the top. I really respect the choice the government has made to ensure that Mount Royal stays the tallest and looks upon the city. This lookout is a must see when you visit Montreal.
Mont Royal named by Jacques Cartier is very significant to Montreal, as the name of the city Montreal was taken from its name.
We can see the view of all the buildings, homes, waterway, and more.
There are lots of greenery and space to have picnics, play and go on hikes.
There is a resting area close to the lookout.
Going to the look out area, it is beautifully welcomed with lots of colourful plants.
Maison Gibson is the only one remaining house from a few houses that were on Mount Royal. This is an original house that is preserved to show the history. 
Inside the house there is lots of educational information to learn about the area and Montreal.
There is also a drive-thru lookout from the outside, to take a quick look of the view without entering the park or hiking to the top.
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  1. looks like a good day out

  2. Great photos! Amazing view! Hope you had a wonderful time!

  3. Gorgeous! I didn't know Montreal was so picturesque.

  4. I love that clock tower.

  5. Looks like an awesome place to visit.

  6. I pictures are beautiful.
    Florence C

  7. Lovely place to visit, I have a niece and her family lives there

  8. you took some lovely photos. Montreal is a great city to visit, one of my favourites.


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