September 7, 2014

Our #FitMadeFun Party

Both my children love wearing their LeapBand. LeapBand is a cool new innovative product from LeapFrog. This wearable activity tracker encourages children to get active with customizable virtual pet pals. LeapBand tracks children's every movement and suggests fun active challenges. The more they move, the more points they earn to unlock virtual rewards for their pets and get to new levels. I love this, as it is a wonderful way to encourage children to move their bodies and play. My children are both competing to get more points, and this is awesome because they can only earn points by moving.  
We plugged in the LeapBand into our computer and my children selected the challenges they like. The playful exercises and interactive games for different ages, abilities and interests is rewarding. My children enjoyed customizing their LeapBand and doing the challenges. They also like the cute pet characters they can earn and nurture, the engaging audio, and motivating rewards.
With the launch of LeapBand, LeapFrog declared September 6th 2014 to be Fit Made Fun Day in an initiative to promote active lifestyle and healthy habits. We too participated virtually, and hosted our own party at home on September 6th, when LeapFrog set out to break multiple Guinness World Records in Santa Monica, California. Hundreds of children and parent joined many land and sea theme activities, with each activity that lasted about 10 minutes. 
We invited a few friends over and did some activities and enjoyed some snacks. We served our guests snacks made with Clif Kid Zbar Protein, which are delicious whole grain protein snack made with nutritious building blocks for children's growing bodies, so kids can keep zipping and zooming along. Clif Kid Zbar Protein made with 70 percent organic ingredients offer source of calcium, vitamin D, iron and zinc. These snack bars do not have hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, synthetic preservatives, trans fat, or artificial flavours. The vegetarian friendly Clif Kid Zbar Protein bars come in three flavours; chocolate chip, chocolate mint and peanut butter chocolate.
Our Clif Kid ZBar Parfait Station had...
Individual vanilla flavoured yogurt cups for each guest
Berries optional

1. Crumble CLIF Kid ZBars into a bowl
2. Place other toppings in separate bowls
3. Let your guests create their own yogurt parfaits with the toppings of their choice
Beginning September 15th you can download the 60 Minutes of Motion for free at The 60 Minutes in Motion gives busy on-the-go families fun and imaginative way to build physical activity into their daily lives. The deck of cards include motion cards that has one minute specific movements like star jumps, crab walks; activity cards that have ten minute activities; wild cards with inspiring words and phrases to prompt children to choose their own imagination filled adventure; motion filled games for hours of family fun; and snack card and hydration card with tips to nourish yourself before, during and after outdoor play. 

Our favourite game at the party was the Kid Challenge Relay

1. Before the party, be sure to activate and set up the LeapBands using LeapFrog Connect.
2. Divide the children into two teams and have them line up. Give the first person in line for each team a LeapBand to wear.
3. With each child wearing their LeapBand, have them access the pre-loaded challenges on their LeapBands.
4. Each child must then tell their team what the first challenge is and everyone on that team must complete the challenge. Challenges include activities like jump like a kangaroo, leap like a frog, wiggle like a worm, etc.
5. After the team has completed the challenge, the child wearing the LeapBand must then pass it down to the next player in their line. That child must then access the next challenge and share the challenge with the team to complete.
6. Continue passing the LeapBand down the line until each challenge has been completed.
7. The first team to complete 5 challenges wins.

Disclosure: The healthy and fun activities and products for the party was provided by LeapFrog and CLIF Kid sponsored by MommyParty. All rights reserved on photographs and written content Createwithmom © 2011 - 2014. Please Ask First


  1. What a great idea. This keeps the kids busy and allows them to burn off some energy
    (Debbie W)

  2. I think my daughter would really like the LeapBand. I've never seen it before but it looks like a great idea.

  3. That's pretty neat. Leave it to LeapFrogs to come up with such fun products

  4. the kids love Leap frog this party looks like fun


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