August 26, 2014

Quilling Plumeria Blossoms Inspired by Quilled Flowers: A Garden of 35 Paper Projects

Quilled Flowers: A Garden of 35 paper projects by Alli Bartkowski is an inspiring, colourful book that will increase the passion for how fun and enjoyable quilling is and can be. This colourful book not only made me want to try all the projects in it, but also brought out how much I enjoy taking pictures and closely looking at the beautiful, unique flowers God has created. 
I agree with Alli that the contemplative act of rolling paper is relaxing and the results are stunning, it is easy to get hooked. I started quilling with the beginners kit by Quilled Creations. Their products and instructions have made me enjoy this craft and has made me eager to learn more techniques as well. In this book, Alli shares lots of tips and techniques for us to create a variety of flowers. 
I made this quilled Plumeria blossoms inspired by this book. I like how beautiful Plumeria blossoms look and making these quilled flowers reminded me of our trip last year to Sri Lanka
This flower more commonly known as Frangipani is called Araliya in Sinhalese has lots of medicinal properties.
I used the Quilling tool set with both the Quilling tool and Needle tool, which is handy for all types of quilling projects so it is a good investment to get the kit. I started off with the slotted tool, but also found the needle tool to be helpful when doing a variety of projects, such as gluing and placing the quilled shapes. I am glad both the quilling tools are available in a set. I found the slotted tool to be helpful when rolling. With the needle tool we do need a bit more practice.
The Dome-shaped mold helped me to get the shapes for these flowers. All we have to do is make tight circles and press it using this mold to make the shapes.
Water sparklers are a wonderful way to add colour and make the flowers look more realistic.
Sometimes I use text-weight paper cut with a hand held shredder for some project. However, I find using the Quilled Creations pre-cut paper is faster when I am doing projects.

For each of these Plumeria blossoms I made...
5 grape roll in white pinched into a teardrop
1 tight circles in yellow made into a cone for the center

For the large flower I used two 16-inch quilling paper attached to make 32-inch white quilling paper and 4-inch yellow quilling paper for the cone. 
For the medium flower a 16-inch white and 2-inch yellow.
For small flowers 8-inch white and 1-inch yellow.
To make this quilled Plumeria blossoms I used...
pre-cut white and yellow quilling paper
glue for quilling
Water sparklers
glue gun
coloured pen for decoration
blank card in any colour
quilling tool set
dome shaped mold
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  1. These are BEAUTIFUL! I have tried some paper flower projects before but I will have to try these soon!

  2. What a beautiful art form this is! Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. These are so pretty. Thank you for sharing
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  4. These quilled blossoms are gorgeous and will have to tell my granddaughter about them as she loves doing different crafts.

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  10. How beautiful!! Quilling gives such a delicate, lovely result. I've always wanted to try it.

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