August 18, 2014

808 Audio: Hex TL Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone loves listening to music or radio shows on their own, or with family and friends and this experience of listening is only fun if the audio sound is good. We can listen to audio via Bluetooth from up to 30 feet with this 808 Audio: Hex TL features. It also possible to connect our audio devices directly using the 3.5mm input. 

For regular day to day use, this well-built solid 808 Audio: Hex TL precision tuned dual-speaker system is wonderful. However, if the sound was put to the highest setting, we can hear a little bit of distortion. We usually don't put it to the full sound because we don't listen to music too loud, and because we don't want our neighbours to get disturbed :)

The only downside of the 808 Audio: Hex TL Bluetooth Speaker for us is that it can only be used plugged in with the AC adapter or with 8 AA batteries for up to 12 hours of listening, unlike the Hex XL or Hex SL that have internal rechargeable batteries. It is also a little bit on the heavier side, so it is not ideal to take on the go. 

I like the style and look of this 808 Audio: Hex TL device, which is available in black, white, and red. We were very impressed with the amount of bass this stylish device outputs. There are two different audio effects when we turn on and off the device, which is cool. 808 Audio has a variety of Bluetooth speakers with wonderful features, so do check out their site to see what suits your preference.

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  1. I love that you have the option to use an adapter instead of always batteries.

  2. My partner would love this!

  3. so u have to have 8 double a batteries to listen to music its not like that jbl as where u just plug it in when u get done listening to music

    1. We use it plugged in however there is an option to use batteries that are not rechargeable

  4. I like the idea odf an adapter. I am not sure I would want to use 8 batteries.

  5. sounds like a great speaker, love that it can be used with batteries or an adapter

  6. This is really nice,love the adapter !

  7. This would be perfect for my son and he does have a birthday coming up soon !

  8. never have used a blue tooth speaker, I love this one, and the color too


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