August 18, 2014

Hyundai Hockey Helpers Benefit Under Resourced Canadian Youth

Hyundai Hockey Helpers launched in 2012 is Hyundai’s program that helps under-resourced Canadian youth to play hockey. The program partners with a nonprofit organization, KidSport, to select and distribute the grants to help with registration fees and equipment costs for children from under-resourced families get in the game. Hyundai covers all administration costs for the program, so every additional dollar raised goes directly to kids.

Hyundai Hockey Helpers has teamed up with Montreal Canadiens Defenceman P.K. Subban and his family. The Subban family holds the cause close to their hearts, and they are giving back to the next generation of hockey players by helping kids get in the game. To date, Hyundai Hockey Helpers has helped nearly 5,000 kids play hockey. This year, Hyundai Hockey Helpers will help at least 2,000 more kids get in the game. 

See what P.K. Subban says during an interview on July 29th, when he speaks about his experiences growing up playing hockey, the financial barriers his family faced putting him through hockey, life lessons he learned, and much more.  P.K. Subban started playing since he was 2 1⁄2, basically right after he mastered walking. His passion for the sport comes from being Canadian and growing up watching Hockey Night in Canada on CBC with his parents and siblings. 

When asked, "What were the biggest challenges you faced playing hockey growing up?" He responded, "The biggest challenge was the cost to play the sport, and this is a challenge that my parents faced. They relied on the community and friends and family for support, and I learned to play hockey using second hand equipment. I wish Hyundai Hockey Helpers had been around to help out my parents."

P.K. Subban says that Hockey is an amazing sport that has definitely had a positive impact on his life. His dad has always said school comes first, and if he didn’t do well in school he didn’t get to play hockey. P.K. Subban says hockey has taught him to challenge himself and be the best on and off the ice. He says he would like to tell young kids who have a dream to play hockey to have fun, work hard and follow their dreams.

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  1. What a nice thing to do. So nice to see children whose families can't afford activities get to be able to do them.

  2. What an amazing thing for them to do. (Judy Cowan)


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