July 31, 2014

Making a Paper Rose

To make this paper rose, I followed the instructions on the Beautiful Paper Flowers kit by Laurie Cinotto. The kit has detailed instructions and materials that will help us make elegant blossoms. With only a few materials, we can make paper flower arrangements for our home, weddings, parities, celebrations or gifts. The book has instructions to make nine different flowers and assortment of leaves that will not perish or fade like fresh flowers, or require us to water or make sure it gets sunlight.
It is important to read through the getting started, tips, and technique pages before crafting the flowers. 
The kit has a few crepe paper sheets, floral wire, floral tape, and flower stamens to start making paper flowers right away.
Make the below image big to see the instruction on how to make paper roses.
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  1. How neat is that, it looks so easy but I am sure mine will not turn out like that!

  2. it looks really easy to make rose with the instructions

  3. Im a scrapbooker so I enjoy paper crafts- these are really pretty

  4. The Rose is beautiful.
    Florence C

  5. Wow! That is pretty impressive!

  6. How creative, I have thought about making these before but haven't got to it yet

  7. I liked your Making a Paper Rose post.
    Thank you for sharing this.


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