July 31, 2014

Luxurious Experience Driving The Cadillac CTS Sedan

We got an awesome perk to test out the Cadillac CTS Sedan. This car has awesome features, such as its hidden storage, customizable gauge skins on the dash, cue system, and more. The other design features include leather seats, ambient interior lighting, electronic cup holder cover, BOSE center point surround system, and ultra view sunroof. We like the heads up display that allows us to see the navigation and speed in full colour on the windshield.
The adaptive cruise control, and automatic parking assist that locates a parking spot and parallel parks by itself are other perks of the Cadillac CTS Sedan. The automatic safety belt tightens when we drive in high speed and loosens its grip when we slow down. The safety alert technology that vibrates pulse to tell us if there is anything on the blind spot, which is a cool and useful technology however it needs some getting used to. 
The notion of luxury and sport is beautifully crafted on this luxury car. The thrilling performance and striking design in the inside and outside of the Cadillac CTS Sedan is exceptional.
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  1. This looks like a very nice ride

  2. I wonder if it is going to fit 3 car seats in the back? Planning to have another kid but not sure what vehicle will fit our family. We don't really want to get a van.

  3. What an amazing sounding car!!! Its really great looking!

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