June 30, 2014

Where We Took "Jane" When She Visited Us For a Week

Happy Canada Day everyone! 
Jane Bull, DK’s Craft Guru who resides in the UK wanted to do a special author tour of Canada. Instead of coming in person she sent the doll she made of herself from the Crafty Dolls cover. My family and I had the pleasure of hosting "Jane" for a week and taking her around town. We took Jane to a few landmarks in Ontario like Canada's Wonderland, Niagara Falls, to parks and more, to show her the beauty of our land. Jane will be heading over to other destinations in Canada before leaving to UK.  

Check out the pictures we took of Jane at the destinations.
Jane at Niagara Falls; her hair flying to the beautiful breeze

Jane going on the Niagara Cruise with us

 Jane going to the deck of the Niagara Cruise 

 Jane enjoying the beauty of the Falls in different angles

Jane admiring the beautiful roses at the Rose Garden
Jane's trip to Canada's Wonderland; she had an awesome time on the thrilling rides
Jane at British Invasion concert at Canada's Wonderland; she did enjoy the sounds from her home town
Jane left our home with a few souvenirs. See where else Jane goes during her tour by following her tweets @JaneBullDoll
Jane Bull has her new book, Crafty Dolls coming out in July. This is Jane’s second book for adults after her wonderful Crafty Creatures book. Jane is well known for her fabulous array of children’s craft books such as stitch-by-stitch. Some of her books are 30% off at the Jane Bull Boutique for a limited time. 
Jane showing us fun craft ideas from her book
On a rainy day when Jane was with us, we did check out her awesome Crafty Dolls book that has more than 30 inspiring ideas on how we can make our own dolls and characters. There are instructions on how to stitch, knit and crochet chain stitch for those new to these skills. I like that there are templates and clear step-by-step instructions with beautiful pictures to guide us.
Children and adults alike will enjoy other colourful and detailed books from Jane Bull such as the Outdoor Crafts, or learn to do needle craft projects from her Made by Me book.
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  1. That doll is adorable! I would love to make one for my niece.

  2. How cute, I remember someone many years ago doing this with a cabbage patch doll

  3. That doll is sooo adorable! We've have a couple of Jane's books and they are awesome! Can't wait to check out her new book :)

  4. What a great idea for an adventure! I love Jane's work :)

  5. Jane must be very happy after the tours; I've never been to those place and would love to myself.

  6. What a great idea for myself & my granddaughter to bond with :)

  7. Replies
    1. :) thank you Sephanie
      we wanted to make sure Jane saw the amazing things she can do in Canada particularly in Ontario :)

  8. What an amazing little doll & Fantastic place I would love to visit

  9. Such a cute idea! My kids would love doing this on our next trip!

  10. Bailey Dexter What a cute doll, and a nice keepsake. Will have to try this for my daughter!

  11. Wow! What a nice adventure jane went on.

  12. What a fun idea! Too bad Jane didn't have a poncho on the ferry at Niagara! I'm going to go check where else she has been :)

  13. Awww! what a fun idea! :) Looks like quite the adventure for Jane!

  14. This is such an awesome idea, I totally loved it, this is way better than just being a penpal and writing letters, loved the pictures and the souvenirs being sent back!!!

  15. That looks so fun. Those are all locations I'd love to visit one day as I'm on the west coast of BC.

  16. I take my stuffed Koala everywhere and it has many photo opps too
    (Debbie W)


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