July 1, 2014

Movies Filmed in Canadian on Netflix

My daughter made this Rainbow Loom in honour of Canada Day. Here are some movies on Netflix that were filmed in our beautiful country. Hope you enjoy watching these with your family and friends...

One Week
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days 
Thomas and the Magic Railroad 
Brokeback Mountain
Billy Madison
Cruel Intentions
How to lose a guy in 10 days

Happy Canada Day everyone!
Canadian Netflix members will soon be able to enjoy films from Disney Live Action, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Disneynature and DreamWorks Studios. Netflix and the Walt Disney Studios has announced a new multi-year licensing agreement that will make Netflix the exclusive Canadian subscription television service for first-run Disney live-action and animated feature films.

Beginning with 2015 theatrically released feature films; Netflix Canada members will have access to these films approximately eight months after titles leave theaters, which is quicker than it has traditionally been when it comes to premium pay TV.

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  1. Im really glad to hear that netflix canada is expanding it's services; I have heard the US version is far superior in the programming it offers! :)

  2. I am pretty anxious about accessing Disney, and the fact we will get movies quicker is a double bonus!

  3. I wish I had access to Netflix, it is too hard when I only get limited data.

  4. We love our netflix account, it is so worthwhile! We will have to make some Canada loom bracelets next year!

  5. i use to have netflix and we are thinking of getting it back again.

  6. Don't have Netflix but looks like they have a great Canada lineup.
    Florence c

  7. I don't have Netflix since I don't watch much TV

  8. I don't have netflix but it seems like they have quite a few good shows


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