December 5, 2013

FixnZip is Perfect for Zipper Replacements

We were delighted that there is a quick solution to effortlessly fix broken zips without needles, threads or tools. Fix n Zip is perfect for zipper replacements. We all know how inconvenient broken zippers are whether it is on our clothing or household items, so having Fix n Zip handy at home will benefit everyone.
Fix n Zip is eco-friendly, reusable, durable and easy to use. It comes with clear instructions and there are also helpful video and illustrations on their site. It is made in USA, and has a patented spring plate that has two nickel-plated zinc die cast slider plates, and stainless steel thumbscrew and spring. The non-corrosive surface of the Fix n Zip, repairs the tooth and coil of both metal and plastic zippers.
We can use it to repair clothing and lifestyle items such as jackets, purses, backpacks, handbags and more. We can also use it on items such as outdoor items like boat covers, outdoor sports, gear, sleeping bags and tents. We can start the Fix n Zip anywhere on the zipper and it glides over the missing teeth and realigns the teeth restoring the functionality of the zipper.
We have lots of items in our home where broken zippers are problematic. My husband bought a jacket recently, where the zipper got stuck and broke. He liked the jacket so much and didn't want to return it instead he used Fix n Zip and fixed the zipper, which has made the zipper pocket functional.
There are three sizes; small, medium, and large that fits all zipper sizes, which can be purchased online at for $10 to $13. Fix n Zip is a fabulous tool to have with all of us, especially in homes with children as broken zippers in winter can be very costly.

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  1. Interesting, might have to try, but looks complicated.

  2. I never knew there was a product like this around!

  3. Very handy especially for our pile of clothes with broken zippers.

  4. This is so neat!! I'm so curious about how it works!


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