November 3, 2013

How to Stitch A Rectangle Cushion Cover For A Bedroom Sofa Chair

cushion cover for bedroom sofa chair
It is very hard to find matching cushion covers and curtains, so I decided to make my own cushion cover to compliment the curtains in our bedroom. This unique, easy to do project is fun and will complete the decor of the room. If you have all the cloth, buttons and matching thread already at home this project would cost zero dollars.
cushion cover for bedroom sofa
To do this project, I used...
2 pieces of thick, striped cloth that is 46" length and 7" wide. I used the bottom part of the bedroom curtain that was too long. 
Matching thread
2 matching buttons 
Sewing Machine

I attached the cloth together so both the 7" wide pieces are attached; the width becomes 14". 

Then I folded the cloth by leaving out 4" for the buttons, and the 4" on the other side to tuck into the cushion. 
I folded the long ends, so there is 19" on each side lengthwise.
cushion cover for bedroom sofa
I stitched the three sides of the cushion, by leaving the 4" on both sides without attaching.
Then I turned it to the right side. I folded the corner edges of one of the 4" leftover piece into triangles and stitched it. The other 4" piece I tucked it into the cushion cover.
cushion cover for bedroom sofa
Then I used the buttonhole A footer and made two buttonholes. 
cushion cover for bedroom sofa
I used the seam ripper and made the hole so the button can go thru.
cushion cover for bedroom sofa
I attached two buttons for the cushion cover using the machine M footer.
cushion cover for bedroom sofa
I inserted the cushion and it was ready to be used. 
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  1. Looks great! I wish I was better at sewing than you can customize things in your home so easily and much more selection with fabric.

    1. Thank you Asiya It is a wonderful skill to learn :)

  2. Nice idea of using curtain cloth for making cushion cover.... looks neat and beautiful


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