November 9, 2013

Cool Toys From Toy State In Time For The Holidays

Street Beatz
Around this time of the year, as a parent I am always looking for fun and smart toys for my children. We got to check out some cool new toys from Toy State. Street Beatz is a fun car that has flashing lights and pulsing speakers that will delight both young ones and adults.

This motorized forward drive custom car cruises with the help of three AA batteries. We really enjoy playing with this colourful car and watching it zoom by when we press the button. This car is recommended for children over 3 years and is sold for $15.99
Lightning Blast is a freewheeling licensed vehicle that is sold at $6.99. This toy will be enjoyed by children over 3 years. This 3 button cell battery operated car lights up the interior, trigger music and makes realistic vehicle sounds when we press the button. My son really enjoys this colourful small car. 
Mobile Command R/C is wonderful toy for children age 7 years and up to play with. This $19.99 car offers endless fun for young racers. Each car is designed to look like the popular licensed sports cars with working headlights. These fast cars are available in a variety of models. The controller needs three AAA batteries and four AA batteries for the vehicle. 
The Cat Construct Dough Deluxe retailed at 13.99 will be enjoyed by children over 3 years. Children will enjoy using the play dough and transforming it into the variety of construction shapes, as well as rolling the freewheeling machine to imitate construction zones. 
Both my children enjoy playing with this Construct Dough Deluxe and imagining that they are building things they see in everyday life. It is also available in Dump truck and Excavator.
The Cat Diecast Metal Collection also sold at $6.99 is appropriate for children over 3 years. These mini Cat machines roar with "Cat Power". It has soft wheels and spin freely and has multiple points of articulation and detailed molded interiors will be enjoyed by everyone. It is available in Excavator, Wheel Loader and Bulldozer. 

These cool toys from Toy State will surely please all those who enjoy playing with real looking cars.

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  1. Looks cool! Even my daughters would love playing with these :)

  2. can see the grandsons playing into the wee hrs. of the night with these and
    their sister right in there for some of the fun.

  3. Those are great. Seems like a good price as well.

  4. I love the cars, they look like great fun.

  5. I know a big kid (hubby) that would get a kick out of these.
    (Debbie W)

  6. My son would love these cars especially for christmas!

  7. I would definitely be my nephew's favourite aunt if I got my hands on these for him!

  8. These look so cool and I imagine a kid would love getting this for the holidays!

  9. Wow! How cool are those!! Toys sure have come a long way.

  10. my kids love remote control cars. They would love the one with the flashing lights.


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