October 13, 2013

Hasbro Toys For Everyone

We had a chance to go to a Hasbro preview event this summer to check out all the new toys that were coming out this fall just in time for the holidays. My children enjoyed testing the cool toys for a long time. Here is list of the new and upcoming Hasbro toys and games for everyone in the family.
Whether we are on the go or in our home these soft, fluffy Play-Doh allows our children to be creative. The new compound colours have details that give a realistic look to the finish works of play-doh art our children make. Hasbro has a variety of playsets such as The Frosting Fun Bakery, Perfect Twist Ice Cream Parlour, Ice Cream Sundae Cart, Disney Princess Rapunzel Hair Designs, Design-a-dress Boutique, Ariel's Royal Vanity, Chomper the Excavator , Trash Tossing Rowdy and many more that are sure to please Play-Doh fans.  
There are lots of fun, interactive line of learning toys for babies, so they can learn through play. ABC Adventure Elefun teaches children 100+ first words, shape, colour, numbers in English and French through 75+ sound effects, tunes and activities. Colour Me Hungry Hippo teaches children to recognize and name shapes, colour and the food it represents with 45+ sound effects, tunes and activities in both English and French. Children will enjoy listening to the interactive stories through the Magic Motion book. Count With Me Giraffalaff toy teaches numbers and counting with 25+ sounds, phrases and tunes.
Chuck and Friends fans will enjoy playing with soft-bodied vehicle assortments perfect for little hands. Children can choose between Chuck, Biggs the Monster Truck or Handy the Tow Truck. They also have Die Cast Singles Assortments for fast action fun and on-the-go play.
We found the battery operated Chuck and Friends RC Spinning Chuck vehicle to be lots of fun as the vehicle raced forward and backwards. When Chuck crashes into a wall he converts into an up-high monster truck. Children will enjoy using the RC controller and doing the stunt shows as Chuck performs 360 degree spins.
A classic rite of passage for most preschoolers, the Mr. Potato Head toy is one of Hasbro’s most cherished characters. Over the past 60 years, the timeless tater has evolved from a toy box classic into a pop culture icon and has kept himself relevant by tapping into trends and entertainment. In 2013, Hasbro scales down the size and amps up the fun with the new Mr. Potato Head Little Taters collection. These 4-inch spuds are ready for a mixin’, mashin’, and smashin’ good time.
Mr. Potato Head Little Taters Play Case has 19 parts and pieces and two 4-inch potato bodies that has a new jungle theme and creates gorilla-spud, lion-spud, elephant-spud or car-spud. Mr. Potato Head Little Taters Assortment has a selection where we can choose either a ballerina, soccer player, fireman, veterinarian or race car driver. They also have Tater Tub and Mr. Potato Head Fireman Container.
Playskool Heroes line of toys are for younger kids that want to have fun with big kid action figures. The action and adventure heroes are based on characters from Transformers, Marvel and Star Wars. The toys include Transformers Rescue Bots Assortments, Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Figure, Spider Man Web Racing Funhouse, Spider-man Deluxe Action Gear vehicle, Marvel Super Hero Adventure Action Gear, Racer Vehicle, Star Wars Jedi Force Figure and more.
Playskool toys with Sesame Street Characters are sure to be loved by little ones who enjoy watching and learning from Sesame Street. Lullaby and Goodnight Elmo, Sesame Street Smart Phone, Figure packs, Big Hugs Elmo, Elmo Junction, Ernie Farm Train, Cookie Monster Food Train, Potty Time Elmo and other toys allow children to use their imagination and play with their favourite characters from the show.
The action and excitement of marble shootouts is back with the 2013 B-DAMAN lineup from Hasbro toys such as Surge Strike Arena, B-Daman Break Bomber Battlefield. 
Beyblade fans will like the range of toys that are available such as Beyblade Shogun Steel Beywarrior Battlers, Shogun Steel Dojo Beylocker set, Shogun Steel Samurai Cyclone Battle set, tops, beystandium.
KRE-O construction brand from Hasbro will change the face of brick-based play with the introduction of innovative Sonic Motion Technology and a KRE-O Cityville Invasion line inspired by the all new CityVille Invasion app by Zynga. In each building set equipped with Sonic Motion Technology, sound waves trigger specific movements in special KRE-O bricks creating a live action scene. Watch this video to see how this works.
Marvel heroes fans will enjoy the selection of figure assortments, battle vehicles, masks, wrist armor and other products that allow them to use their imagination and play.
There is a wide selection of toys from the Marvel superheroes. 
Nerf Blasters are super fun for everyone over 8 years. They have a wide selection for us to choose from such as Nerf N-Strike Elite Rayven CS-18 Blaster, Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut Blaster, Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster and more.
This year, Hasbro celebrates 50 years of classic kitchen play with the iconic Easy-Bake brand, stirring up culinary inspiration for generations of young chefs everywhere. To commemorate this milestone anniversary, the Easy-Bake brand will ‘mix things up’ and unveil a new colour scheme for its popular Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven: a sleek silver, blue, and black model.
Furby fans will enjoy the colourful Furby Boom.
Children who enjoy playing with Littlest Pet Shop playsets and accessories will like the amount of choices they have such as Littlest Pet Shop Condo Playset, Multi-Pet Scene, Travel Trendy Blythe and Pets and more. Hasbro has a variety of My Little Pony inspired toys such as Walkin' Talkin' Pinkie Pie Pony, Crystal theme pack, Fashion style assortment and more.
Nerf Rebelle feature bow action and powerful darts that children will like playing with. 
Hasbro also has a variety of new board games that everyone can enjoy with their family and friends such as Bejeweled, Draw Something Party Game, Words with magnetic game and message board and more.
It was fun checking out and testing all the innovative toys at the Hasbro event. We have lot of choices when we are shopping for toys this holiday season.
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  1. some great ideas for christmas and birthdays!

  2. i remeber having the barrel of monkeys as a kid and the furby thats a great little item to have for kids they are the most cutest thing to have

  3. Wow, so many neat toys that I know my nephews would love! I'm trying to find some of the $10 cereal box coupons (current promo) and then will start my Christmas shopping for them :-)

  4. Wow! Great toys for the kids. I can already see what I might have to pick up for the kids for Christmas just by your pictures.


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