June 24, 2013

#Windowsphone Apps I am Using and A Chance For You To Win A Phone or Xbox

I have got attached to my Nokia Lumia 920 phone very much as part of the #windowsphone #summerswitch challenge by Microsoft. The interface with the live-tiles makes this phone very pleasurable to use. I find using the apps to be easy, fun and smooth. The customizable start screen is the best, which makes this phone personal. 
Staying connected...

I like using Skype on the phone, to connect with family and friends that live in other provinces and in different countries.
I have installed the weather channel app to keep myself posted about the weather.
Checking in at different places using the Foursquare app on this phone is easy and fun.
I use the official apps for Twitter and Facebook. These two apps need a little more tweaks such as having the option to share images both on Facebook and twitter at the same time. I use rowi to tweet, but when I try to attach images it doesn't work well, so I am still figuring out the app I want to use. 
I would like the email app to be a little more easily accessible, as I can't find archived emails quickly.  The options to select a few emails at the same time, moving emails to folders need to be improved. However, it is easy to keep tabs with current emails.
I like using the calendar on the phone, as it helps me remember my appointments.
I also like reading magazines through the Zinio app on the windows phone, and find it smooth to use. 
One of my favourite things about this phone is the camera and the apps that allow me to become creative. I like the crispness of the videos I take on this phone. 
I enjoy posting pictures on Instagram, so I use the Instance app that has a few filters. It would be nicer to use a better app than this to get creative on Instagram.   
Cinemograph is a very cool app that allows us to take motion pictures, check out the cars moving on this picture. However, I can't share these lively moving images on any other platform. 
Blink is another wonderful app that allows me to play with pictures and motion. 
PhotoFunia is another one of my favourites :) I have used two images on this post edited with PhotoFunia.
I also like the PhotoGrid app, which is a neat way to post a collage of pictures and share it easily on twitter, Facebook and email. 
Other fabulous features...
I like the ability to use the Kids Zone or having a separate start screen for the second user on the windows phone. This allows the second user to have their own personal space with the apps they like. 
I use the phone to publish my posts and comments, which is convenient. I also like the Office 365 that allows me to use word, excel and presentation to work while I am on-the-go. It is easy to save the files on SkyDrive, so I can later access them from the computer without the need to send it via email.  

I think it is a matter of testing and finding an app that I prefer the most. It is hassle free to uninstall and pin the apps to the start screen, so I tend to install different apps to test it out. It is easy to browse the windows store on the computer and select the apps I like and send it to my phone automatically. I am hoping there will be more apps developed soon for this fabulous phone and the windows phone 8 platform.
Stay tuned as I will be sharing my experiences on other apps soon. 


On June 25th from 8 to 9pm ET at the #summerswitch twitter party you will have a chance to win 1 of 4 Nokia 920 windows phone or 1 Xbox 360 Kinect bundle gaming system. If you would like to join the party RSVP with your twitter handle here.

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  1. just seeing this post now, and missed the party...aughhh..
    I like the feature that there is a separate start screen for another user.

  2. Office 365 sounds perfect for me! How have I never heard of it before?! Thanks so much for the article!

  3. Too bad I missed it, I could really use a new phone! The new Nokia's look awesome!

  4. It's so wonderful when your phone takes great pictures!

  5. My mom is looking into getting a phone just like this. Awesome review.

  6. It's good to hear it has the editing feature for your photos, but I would have to agree with you about tracking your emails. I have yet to find a phone that allows you to easily access them.

  7. Nothing like a phone with a good camera. Cinemograph is my fave!

  8. my husband just bought this phone

  9. guess I miss the twitter party too

  10. Sadly I also missed the twitter party, I'm sure it was a blast and I hope to catch the next one :)

  11. Lucky you ! I would love to try this phone I have own several Nokia phones over the past 15 years or so and I am a big fan. Enjoy

  12. wow sounds like quite the phone.

  13. missed the party, great review

  14. Oh shucks, I missed it too. Hope it was fun!

  15. Wow! This looks like a great phone! Much better than the one that I have :) Thanks for the review!



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